Star yogi MacKenzie Miller counts breaths instead of sheep for great sleep

MacKenzie Miller yoga Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 3.13.34 PM West Coast yoga instructor MacKenzie Miller is a total jetsetter, leading classes and retreats around the country—and the world, for that matter. (When we spoke to her, she was on her way to Mexico.)

And Instagram has only amped up Miller’s global cache, making her a bonafide member of the star yogi set. The stunning shots she posts of herself posing in equally stunning locales—think, a waterfall in Oregon, a serene California beach, and at the entrance of an imposing German cathedral—have earned her 163,000 followers…and counting.

Between flights, Miller manages to be a self-proclaimed “great” and “very heavy” sleeper. Here’s how things go down at night for her.

My bedtime: I tend to go to bed on the early side and rise early, because I love how peaceful the mornings are. If I can take my time getting ready and grab some organic coffee from my favorite place (for the taste, not energy) in the morning, I consider it a great day.

My pre-bed routine: I’m pretty boring when it comes to bedtime habits. I hate makeup, and on the rare occasion I have some on, I have to wash it off—and I obsessively brush my teeth. When my skin is feeling dehydrated, I’ll take a hot shower, then immediately lather myself up with coconut oil before hopping into bed. It’s messy for the sheets, but you wake up feeling silky smooth. (My boyfriend and I always kiss goodnight and say “I love you.” If that doesn’t happen because we’re not in the same place, my day doesn’t feel complete.)

My sleep environment: With my hectic travel schedule, I have trained myself to sleep in any and all conditions. It can be light or dark, loud or quiet. But nothing ever feels as comforting as when I’m back home. I love to sleep with a humidifier that I add lavender essential oil to. It creates the most heavenly environment to drift off to sleep in.

My daytime, sleep-boosting secret: I think my consistent exercise routine is crucial to my sleeping well. I also tend to set two or three detailed goals a day, so that I feel successful, but my days are not overwhelming. And I meditate daily. I think the ability to make peace with each day allows you to rest more peacefully at night.

My sleep tip: On the rare occasion that I don’t fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow, I will watch my breaths until I do. Breath counting is extremely effective.

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