Your fall toolkit: Getting grounded and focused with Terri Cole

The star life coach shares an effective trick for dealing with hectic fall moments—and it takes 30 seconds. Learn it now and prevent chaos later.
(Photo: Terri Cole)
(Photo: Terri Cole)

Ready for your healthiest, most successful fall ever? We asked top wellness experts for smart yet simple tips that will help keep you focused, productive, and stress-free all season long—whether you’re on a land-a-promotion track or a healthier eating mission.

For your fall toolkit: Make time to breathe

Psychotherapist, celebrity life coach, and TedX lecturer Terri Cole explains

There are a zillion things you could do to make this your most productive fall yet, but with your busy schedule, it must be something you will actually do.

I created a simple and effective 30-second exercise called Bells and Breathing that will keep you grounded and focused. You can do it anywhere and it’s FREE!

Every few hours (set your phone alarm) take five slow, deep breaths. Visualize inhaling peaceful, expansive energy and exhaling any stress or constricted energy. Feel your feet on the ground and yourself in your body as you silently repeat “I am here now.” Try it, and see what shifts! —Jamie McKillop

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