20 healthy post-workout snacks that SoulCycle instructors love

What are the favorite post-workout snacks of some of New York City’s indoor cycling rockstars (and warriors and renegades)?

Cult-fave SoulCycle asked 20 of their instructors how they fuel up when the killer playlist is over, the sweat stops pouring, and they hop off the yellow bike (knowing they’ll be hopping back on again VERY soon).

Here’s what they said…

1. Avocados, and lots of them
“Anything that can be paired with avocado,” says James Jarrott. “That can range from eggs or toast to chicken or sandwiches or even a margarita… if it has been one of those days.” (Maybe skip that last one…until your body has had time to rehydrate, of course.)

2. Protein shakes
“I usually have a protein shake after class because it helps replace lost fluids, carbohydrates, and proteins and speeds up recovery time so that I’m ready for the next workout!” says Ryan Steinman.

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3. Eggs 
“My favorite thing to eat after my weekend morning class is sunny-side-up eggs with slices of avocado and tomatoes,” says Amy Warshaw. “It refuels me.”

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4. Protein bars
“My favorite thing to eat post class usually a Lara or Quest bar immediately after class,” says Nick Spadaro. “It gives the body something to burn right away and then followed usually chicken rice and veggies to really refuel.” —Sarah Sarway

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