5 new guides to detoxing your diet for spring

Is your diet in need of some spring cleaning? A new crop of books from wellness experts and celebs may be just the ticket.
spring Your diet may be the aspect of your life that needs the deepest cleaning this spring.

Instead of tackling it with a scrub brush (because that would be impossible), you’ll find all the tools you need in this new crop of books from top health and wellness experts—from celebrity nutritionists like Harley Pasternak and Kimberly Snyder, to straight-up celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow.

These five cleanse and detox manuals arm you with shopping lists, meal plans, recipes, and pages of tips and guidance to help you reset and renew your approach to eating healthy—so that in just a few months, you’ll be vibrantly ready for summer. Check them out now… —Lisa Elaine Held and Melisse Gelula

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Beauty Detox Foods Beauty Detox Foods
Kimberly Snyder, CN

Snyder’s second detox-focused book has “best-seller” written all over it. The Los Angeles star nutritionist (and smoothie shop owner), who gave us 9 Foods for Amazing Skin, is behind a slew of skin-perfect celebrities (Dita Von Tease, Hillary Duff, Drew Barrymore).

Beauty Detox Foods allows you to join them in feasting on a diet of 50 beautifying foods: Celery disperses dark under-eye circles, apple cider vinegar clears skin, and bee pollen is virtually magic, Snyder says. The book’s second half is a cookbook of beautifully photographed, vegan recipes, so you can be your own beauty chef.


Bliss Cleanse Bliss Cleanse
Lindsey Smith and Lorraine Miller

“Food mood girl” Lindsey Smith and Nourish by Nature founder Lorraine Miller are a health coach power team, and Bliss Cleanse is their two-week guide to refreshing not just your eating habits, but your mind and spirit as well.

So it includes seasonal eating advice, smoothie guides, and pantry must-haves, as well as techniques for emotional release and daily inspirations.

It also acts as a practical workbook, with spaces for jotting down goals and challenges and recording meals.


Body Reset Diet The Body Reset Diet
Harley Pasternak

Hollywood nutritionist Harley Pasternak has worked with all manner of famous body types, from Katy Perry to Kanye, and The Body Reset Diet is his time-tested plan for cleaning up your diet and powering up your metabolism in 15 days.

It’s broken down into three phases, the first of which relies heavily on blending, he told us, and includes lots of stellar smoothie recipes.

Later, you’ll add clean foods gradually and then get easy-to-follow, illustrated fitness tips and routines.


Coconut Oil Diet The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Coconut Oil Diet
Maria Blanco, CFH, and James Pendleton, ND, NMD

Even those who don’t like the cover’s insinuation about their intelligence, might love what they learn inside this book. It’s part clinical-studies recap and part cookbook.

The authors (a holistic nutritionist and a naturopath) crack open the research on coconut’s health benefits, citing research that shows its role in immune-system and heart health to weight loss, yeast management, and better skin.

You’ll also get a handle on what makes coconut fatty acids so super-favorable (hint: medium-chain triglycerides), and understand why the Paleo community is obsessed with this oil. Oh, and there are 50-some recipes to try.


It's All Good It’s All Good
Gwyneth Paltrow and Julia Turshen

Paltrow’s newest cookbook, which is chock full of gorgeous food photography and shots of the actress looking glowy in fields, on Vespas, and while cooking, was inspired by Dr. Alejandro Junger’s Clean Program, an elimination diet that helped her get healthy. Junger’s thoughts—on things like agave and nightshades—are peppered throughout the book.

“This has become the way I strive to eat, and the diet I go back to adhere to strictly when I have been overindulging, when I need to rebuild or clean out,” Paltrow writes in the intro.

But it’s not all vegan and gluten-free. Spicy Sweet Potato Soup, Grilled Asparagus, and countless approaches to quinoa share space with Grilled Steak with Melted Anchovies, accompanied by classic Gwyneth quips. “I don’t eat red meat, but sometimes a man needs a steak.”


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