5 surprising ways to add bone broth to your diet

bone broth recipes Bone broth has been getting a major amount of attention over the past year for its skin-care and gut health benefits.

Ariane-Resnick-bone-broth-cookbook And Ariane Resnick, the private healthy chef who’s worked for stars like Gwyneth Paltrow, is so convinced of its superpowers, she just published a book dedicated to it, The Bone Broth Miracle.

In it, Resnick goes deep into bone broth’s health benefits like battling inflammation and fixing leaky gut, while sharing loads of tips for making it and a ton of inventive recipes.

A favorite? “A Little Bit Cheesy Spaghetti Squash” made with bone broth sauce, pictured above. And possibly the bone broth cocktail. (Not kidding.)

So in case you’re sick of sipping it neat, we had her share five of the creative ways you can incorporate bone broth into your diet (and your pet’s!) in easy, delicious, healthy ways. —Jamie McKillop

(Photo: The Bone Broth Miracle)


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Ariane 1 1. Whip up a “brocktail.” Yes, a bone broth cocktail. “This is as fun of a use for bone broth as it gets,” Resnick says, “but avoid fruity liquors and go for more savory mixtures like a Bloody Mary, or smokey scotch.” She’s got a recipe for a “Meatini,” no lie.

2. Make it Bulletproof. “Broth is a super energizing beverage,” Resnick explains. “You can mix it with butter and MCT oil instead of coffee for a filling meal replacement.” Just don’t tell Dave Asprey.

Three more tips ahead…

(Photo: The Bone Broth Miracle)


Ariane 3

3. Use it in sauces. “With one client, I put it in a béchamel sauce after they asked for mac and cheese,” Resnick says. “I used it instead of stock. The taste was just as good, if not better. And it helps mitigate the health effects of the mac and cheese.”

4. Put it in a smoothie—by freezing it in ice cube trays and adding a couple in as you would ice cubes. “Avoid chocolate-y smoothies and add it into more green vegetable-based smoothies like a cold soup of blended veggies,” she recommends.

5. Feed it to felines. “It’s very well-known that it’s great for dogs, but no one mentions cats,” Resnick says. “I have two kittens, and I could not get one of them to go off junk cat food. I was able to do it using bone broth by mixing it into her wet food—just two tablespoons.” She warns against using garlic and onions, which can be toxic to the cats. And the fact that your friends might make fun of you, of course.

(Photo: The Bone Broth Miracle)


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