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Sweet Potato Fries Pin It
Photos: Lauren Caris

Some days you want to spend an entire afternoon in the kitchen, making a batch of purple sweet potato pie bars or healthy pozole rojo. But other days you’ve got just 15 minutes to spare—or you’re saving up for a big vacation and don’t want to spend your entire paycheck on groceries.

Enter: the food hack.

In just seconds (okay, sometimes minutes), you can make your health eating life way easier. And this year we shared a lot of brilliant food hacks, both ones we came up with and others we learned from wellness influencers.

That includes how to make vegan and Paleo-friendly meals in under 10 minutes, the secret to curbing sugar cravings all day, and the key to making dairy-free ice cream with just four ingredients. Rounded up here are these tips, among others—the very best of the last 365 days.

One more piece of free advice: Bookmark this page and use it as a resource all year long.

Ready to start 2017 off feeling like a healthy genius? Keep reading for the best food hacks of the year.

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kale salad
Photo: The Today Show

1. How to de-stem kale super fast, no knife required


Photo Illustration: Julia Wu
Photo Illustration: Julia Wu

2. How to make a superfood smoothie for $2


food hacks
Photo: Jason Briscoe/Unsplash

3. How to curb all-day sugar cravings via your morning coffee


Photo: This Beautiful Day
Photo: This Beautiful Day

4. How to make time-saving, healthy (and pretty!) ice cubes


Cauliflower rice recipe Love and Lemons
Photos: Love and Lemons

5. How to make cauliflower rice at home


sweet potatoes
Photo: Stocksy/Jeff Wasserman

6. How to cook sweet potatoes in more creative (but simple) ways


Photo: Stocksnap/Krzysztof Puszczyński
Photo: Stocksnap/Krzysztof Puszczyński

7. How to choose the perfect, ripe avocado


recipes, vegan, paleo, hummus
Photo: Win-Win Food

8. How to cook for vegans and Paleo eaters in under 10 minutes


Photo: Sweet C's Designs
Photo: Sweet C’s Designs

9. How to satisfy your bread-or-pasta fix without eating bread or pasta



10. How to make vegan ice cream fast, with just four ingredients

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