The 10 must-try healthy recipes of 2016, according to Well+Good readers

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Photo: Fettle Vegan
This year, healthy food bloggers really upped the ante when it came to making breakfasts, dinners, and desserts that were as buzzworthy as they were delicious.

A coffee-infused super-smoothie? Check. Baked vegan “Doritos” with a tangy dusting as finger-lick worthy as the vending machine original? Check. Tacos that are healthy, completely vegetarian, and so easy to pull together that you could whip them up in 15 minutes? Check, check, and check.

Rounded up here are 10 recipes Well+Good readers freaked out over, spent Sundays whipping up, and forwarded to their friends over and over again. Whether you’re Paleo, vegan, going high protein or low sugar, you’ll have a reason to do the same.

Here are the top 10 recipes featured on Well+Good from 2016.

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Photo: Joanne Gerrard Young

1. Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen’s favorite green smoothie

Photos: Shira Lenchewski
Photos: Shira Lenchewski

2. Paleo pumpkin bread recipe from Lauren Conrad’s go-to nutritionist

portobello burger
Photo: Yuki Sugiura

3. 20-minute vegan portobello mushroom burger with tangy red pepper sauce

Photo: Ellen Silverman
Photo: Ellen Silverman

4. Gut-friendly “superhuman breakfast”

Fetty Vegan's purple seewt potato dessrt bars
Photo: Fettle Vegan

5. Instagram-ready vegan purple sweet potato pie bars

no bloat breakfast
Photo: Today Food

6. Bloat-free breakfast bowl (that’s also packed with probiotics) 

Lifehouse Tonics Shroom Shake
Photo: Lifehouse Tonics

7. Lifehouse Tonic’s coffee-infused superfood smoothie

Photo: Ray Katchatorian
Photo: Ray Katchatorian

8. Nikki Sharp’s detoxifying (and delicious!) spiralized veggie noodle salad

vegan doritos recipe
Photo: Emilie Eats

9. Homemade baked vegan Doritos

Photo: Amuse Your Bouche
Photo: Amuse Your Bouche

10. 15-minute chickpea tacos with avocado cream

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