Why this TV host has bitters every night—but has never eaten a sandwich

Cat Greenleaf You’ve probably seen her Cobble Hill stoop on TV or even in the back of a taxi. That’s where Cat Greenleaf conducts her business—inviting celebrities to sit and chat with her on the front steps of her Brooklyn brownstone. She has stooped it with Connie Britton, Alan Cumming, Taylor Schilling, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and many more on her show, Talk Stoop with Cat Greenleaf.

But for the lucky ones who are invited to walk through the front door, Greenleaf loves to play hostess there as well—and food is a big part of that. “It’s the greatest honor for me to have people enjoy themselves in my house,” says Greenleaf, who lives with her husband and two sons.

Even though she’s an admittedly terrible cook. It all comes together with a little help. “I’m just grateful to have an everyday party going on in my house, and that’s evidenced by people sitting and eating. I love that.” Here’s what Greenleaf’s fridge looks like… —Christine Yu

How does food get on your table in your house? Do you cook a lot? I’m a fan of services like Peapod, Fresh Direct, and Blue Apron. They are simply much better cooks than I am and my family is much happier. I realized that I’m not a good cook, that I should just give it up and spend the extra time with my kids. Because as a working mom, every extra minute I can spend with them is important.

Do you follow any specific diet in your family? I have never been much of a meat or dairy person and now I tend to avoid a lot of that stuff. We tend to go through phases of nationality more than anything. We’ll eat Thai food for 10 days straight and then we get into sushi—I’ll eat the vegetarian sushi—for another 10 days.

Cat Greenleaf refrigerator

What do you stock up on in your crisper drawers? We’re asparagus fans. White asparagus to me is like a unicorn—it’s the most exciting thing when I can find it. My kids are always into grapes. They call raspberries “finger huts” so we have those. We have edamame, cauliflower, and broccoli rabe. Any fruit that comes in a spear shape are always a hit like pineapple spears and mango spears.

What’s the most surprising thing we’d find in your fridge? Bitters. I don’t drink alcohol. I load up on Angostura bitters—that’s the only kind I like. When bitters got popular last year, there were no Angostura bitters in all of Brooklyn. And then all of Manhattan. And I had to order it from a special company. It was so crazy. But I drink bitters every night.

How to you like to drink your bitters? We have a seltzer deliveryman who brings it to us in a glass bottle. Since I don’t drink alcohol, that’s my top shelf seltzer. I also have a SodaStream for every day. I put that over a bunch of crushed ice and then load up the bitters.

There are two containers of grapefruit juice in your fridge. Is it a family favorite or are you using it for something special? It’s a nod to my childhood. Every morning when I came down for breakfast, everyone had a half a grapefruit and we had those special serrated spoons. It’s just a really warm feeling. My family always ate breakfast together. I could never bring myself to cut a grapefruit now. I would mess it up! The tartness [of the juice] has a kind of clean taste when you drink it.

Is there anything else you don’t eat at all? I’ve never had a sandwich. Here’s the thing. You have the watery content of the lettuce and then that smushy cheese. Then, you might have a burger or a filet of some sort. Then, you have the bread content. It’s too much. There are too many things going on in your mouth at once for me. So I’ve never had one.

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(Photo: Cat Greenleaf)


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