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Purely Twins Mostly Raw Smores

Here’s some inspiration for that end-of-summer camping trip you’ve been meaning to take: it’s National S’mores Day.

And while you might think the gooey treats have to be relegated to nostalgic starry nights, lost as soon as you became savvy enough to interpret the ingredient labels on Jet-Puffed marshmallows and Hershey’s bars, the kitchen-smart duo behind the blog Purely Twins has reinvented the childhood staple, putting a healthy spin on the classic treat. 

With ingredients like coconut oil, flax, raw cacao, and walnuts, their Homemade {Raw} S’mores are vegan, low-sugar, mostly-raw, and completely delicious. Just remember you’ve got to make them in advance and pack them in a cooler if you want to actually enjoy them around a campfire.Emily Karr

To get the recipe, head to

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(Photo: Purely Twins)