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When they're not cooking for you, what culinary superheros stock in their own fridges, load in their NutriBullets, and whip up for dinner at home.
Celeb chef Jamie Oliver is a force for healthy cooking in the food world.


The restaurant scene, once an unflinchingly bastion of bread and butter, has a gone a lot more green, with rooftop-raised produce to Meatless Mondays becoming increasingly frequent on a dinner menus.

A handful of celebrity chefs from Jamie Oliver and Seamus Mullen to Candice Kumai and Matthew Kenney are turning diner’s onto veggie-centric and nutrient-dense meals in their restaurants and cookbooks, we’ve investigated just how they practice what they preach in their own home kitchens.

Here, you’ll find a recap of what these culinary superheros stock in their own fridges, load in their NutriBullets, and reach for when whipping up dinner for themselves.

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Candice Kumai (top) and Seamus Mullen

1. My Favorite Green Juice Recipe: Jamie Oliver
Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day, aims to promote healthy, fresh foods and cooking skills. This Kiwi, Ginger, and Banana smoothie can help.

2. Recipe: Candice Kumai’s Dandelion Greens & Quinoa Salad
The Cook Yourself Sexy author and Top Chef star shares an easy recipe for dandelion greens that brings leftovers to life.

3. Refrigerator Look Book: Seamus Mullen
The celeb chef–author shares how he manages his rheumatoid arthritis with food, and explains why he drinks butter—yes, butter—in his coffee.

4. Recipe: Chef Sam Talbot’s super-popular Shellfish Salad
The Top Chef alum’s fresh-food stint at Montauk’s Turf was just an early summer fling, but we scored a recipe with staying power.

5. Refrigerator Look Book: Mary Nolan
Mary Nolan is Bon Appetit’s Chef de Cuisine and the former host of the Food Network’s Chic & Easy. And she seriously loves her veggies.

6. Refrigerator Look Book: Matthew Kenney
The raw food pioneer wants to convince people that prepping the cuisine is not as complicated as its reputation suggests. We raided his fridge for inspiration.

7. Refrigerator Look Book: Jody Adams
The famed Boston chef and Top Chef Masters contender just showed Miraval spa guests what she cooks at home, and now she’s showing us.

8.  My Favorite Green Juice Recipe: Seamus Mullen
The chef-owner of Manhattan’s highly-acclaimed Tertulia restaurant shows he’s not afraid to blend up a juice.

9. Refrigerator Look Book: Joe Bastianich
It’s not all about pasta and vino for the Master Chef judge and restauranteur (Eataly, Babbo). Bastianich tells us about his healthy side.

10. Refrigerator Look Book: Geoffrey Zakarian
In the home fridge of the celebrity chef and Chopped judge, fresh produce plays a starring role. And so does French butter.