Could ‘Souping’ be the new juicing?

The Los Angeles creators of Soupure say "Souping" is the smarter cleanse choice when juices leave you cold.
soupure soup cleanse

If the prospect of another juice cleanse leaves you cold (and hungry and irritable), how does a soup cleanse sound?

Angelenos Angela Blatteis and Vivienne Vella created what they believe is a sounder solution to juicing with the term “Souping”—and a cleanse business based on it, called Soupure. “Everyone loves soup!” says Vella, who with Blatties liked the idea of a “more satisfying way to cleanse” over a warm, nourishing bowl of veggies instead of its cold-pressed, refrigerated cousins.

Formulated with a team of chefs and nutritionists (including Caroline Katzin of the Cancer Nutrition Center and Holistic Nutritionista Marlyn Diaz), Soupure makes a range of all-natural hot and cold organic soups, tonics, and waters “developed to nourish, restore and heal.”

A typical one-day cleanse might include Energize, a cold mylk-style soup with sprouted cashews and organic strawberries; Heal, a hot soup with organic zucchini and basil; Savory, an organic beef bone broth; and Reboot alkaline water with pear, yuzu, and citrus.

Soupure founders
Founders Vivienne Vella and Angela Blatteis (Photo: Soupure)

“We don’t believe that juice cleanses are a realistic ongoing lifestyle choice in place of food,” says Vella of her brand philosophy. “Throwing away the vital fiber matrix reduces most fruits to simple sugars that could leave your liver overworked and kidneys imbalanced, and without the benefits of macro-nutrients like protein and good fats, many of the vitamins and minerals featured in some juice combinations are simply rendered unusable.”

And you might have noticed that they’re not afraid of a little animal protein—or of a black soup. (Made of bananas and black sesame, I saved it for last because of its appearance, and it turned out to be a favorite.)

The non-dairy, non-GMO range of soups includes beef broth. (Photo: Soupure)

“We don’t believe in cleanses which are 100 percent raw,” says Blatteis. “The body requires food in a variety of forms, raw and not raw, to feel optimally good. Our collagen-rich cooked bone broth or vegetable consommé that is warmed and consumed in the morning will clear the gut, fend off colds, and warm up the entire system. Cooking our soups also allows your body to absorb more plant-based nutrient power than juices.”

While they might hear some counter arguments from the juice cognoscenti on that point, since they believe in not heating foods to best retain their nutrients, customers don’t seem to mind.

Soupure is now delivering their 1,200 calorie PureCure cleanse throughout Los Angeles, selling out blends like crazy, and has a store planned for Brentwood Town Center in November. Seems like Souping is just starting to come to a tasty boil. —Rachel Marlowe

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