No more sad desk lunch, with this ex-ABC Kitchen chef’s Maple menu

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Wouldn’t it be nice if every workday included a legit lunch break where you could skip off to ABC Kitchen and enjoy a fancy midday salad or scallop with your colleagues before getting back to the grind? (LOL, right? What’s a “lunch break?”) This is New York City, where dining al desk-o is the norm.

But that doesn’t have to mean sipping lukewarm miso, or eating your not-particularly-inspired go-to salad, in between emails. Instead, former ABC Kitchen chef Dan Kluger and beloved food delivery service Maple want to upgrade your order-in lunch choices.

Kluger, who is renowned for his seasonally based, locally sourced approach to cooking, will be the first Culinary Board chef to work on a menu for Maple.

Photo: Maple

“It’s a great time to think about developing dishes for a delivery-first experience, and to reach New Yorkers that may not be able to always get this kind of quality, crafted food during lunch and dinner,” Kluger told us. “It’s fun to play with those challenges and come up with what I think are some really great, seasonal meals.”

Plus, Kluger insists his high standards will uphold in prepackaged form: “Maple already creates dishes with seasonal ingredients in mind and invests a lot of resources into building strong relationships with the local farming community,” he says. “We’re especially aligned in this way.”

The limited time-only menu will be available from February 22 through March 4. The two lunchtime offerings include ginger braised chicken with roasted broccoli, sunflower pesto, quinoa, and almonds, and a Brussels sprouts salad with garlic and lime shrimp, avocado puree, diced green apple, and mustard dressing. (There are also two dinner options—both equally OMG-just-drooled-on-my-laptop—for those in the mood for a Netflix-and-delivery kind of night.)


Bonus: You’ll be eating (really, really) well for a good cause: A portion of each meal’s proceeds will be donated to Kluger’s charity of choice, Cookies for Kids’ Cancer, which is devoted to fighting pediatric cancer. “We’re aiming to raise $10,000 in two weeks,” Kluger says. “It’s a huge goal, but one I know we can hit. Food brings people together, and this is a way to start a meaningful conversation and also give back to people that really need it.”

The chef is opening a solo restaurant later this year, though his lips are sealed: “We aren’t ready to share details at this time, but I’m extremely excited about it,” he told us. So for now, this is the way New Yorkers will have access to Kluger’s signature creations. Enjoy it—either al desk-o, or al couch-o—while you can.

If you do get a chance to leave your desk (or your couch!) soon, there’s about to be a lot more vegan dining options in the city



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