Chef David Bouley’s healthy makeover—get a first look

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Photo: Facebook/Bouley Restaurant

When news broke that New York City chef and restaurateur David Bouley was closing his wildly popular Bouley and consolidating his other restaurants—Brushstroke, Bouley Test Kitchen, and Bouley Botanical—the collective reaction was, um, what? After all, the NYC dining scene is fickle. A restaurant with a line out the door can become passé (or worse, shuttered altogether) in the course of a short year. Why step away when food critics are bowing at your feet?

In a word: health. As Bouley told the New York Times in June, he has become “obsessed” with how food affects the body and is going on sabbatical, taking nutrition classes at New York University, meeting with world-renowned holistic doctors, and studying at Harvard Business School. (And how have you been spending your summer?) Since that interview, Bouley has stayed mum.

Well, soon he’ll be breaking his silence—and you’re invited to have dinner with him (and us!) when he does.

Yep, you read that right. Well+Good, Bouley, and Frank Lipman, MD, are co-hosting a dinner event focusing on the intersection between food and wellness. Aptly titled “The Chef and the Doctor,” the event with Dr. Lipman is part of Bouley’s Fall Dinner & Lecture Series. While diners feast on what’s sure to be an incredible—and mindful—multi-course menu, the duo will be busting common health myths.

Sounds juicy, right? It’s all taking place November 14, so mark your calendar and buy your tickets ASAP.

If you can’t buy tickets to the event, you may miss out on the amazing meal, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on wisdom the two experts will be offering up. Since Well+Good is co-hosting the event, we’ll be talking with the celebrated chef in advance about the new Bouley location (and menu). And we’ll also report on the myth-busting that Dr. Lipman and Bouley serve up at the dinner. So keep checking the site for more (healthy) Bouley intel.

Or, RSVP to one of the other amazing nights—the series runs September through November and featuring bold-faced names including nutritionist Oz Garcia, Happy Gut author Vincent Pedre, MD, and many more.

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