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Dirty Lemon Sleep Pin It
Photo: Dirty Lemon

Hoping to get a lot more shut-eye in 2017? There’s a drink designed for that. (Because of course there is.) Dirty Lemon, known for its collagen-boosting beauty tonic and activated charcoal detox drink, just added a new functional beverage to its line, this time promising to help you sleep better.

The aptly named Sleep contains magnesium, rose water, cold-pressed lemon juice, and a “sleep blend” made of lemon balm, passionflower, and chamomile. Dirty Lemon CEO and co-founder Zak Normandin says the brand has been working for months to get the formula exactly right and now, finally, it’s ready.

“With all our beverages, we’re taking ingredients that have been well established in the naturopathic community—in some cases for over 100 years—and blending them into a formulation that’s in line with what modern consumers [want] in terms of taste and performance,” he says. “With Sleep, magnesium is the primary ingredient, which improves the ability for someone to get through that first REM cycle, which is really the main issue most people have with not sleeping. It’s not necessarily going to sleep that’s the problem, but staying asleep.”

So what does it taste like? This isn’t your standard cup of Sleepytime—the overwhelming flavor is rose water through and through. An added bonus: rose and lemon balm are said to be anxiety-reducing, so when you drift off to sleep, you’ll only have sweet dreams.

Dirty Lemon is certainly not the only beverage brand stirring up something for bedtime. Healthy Skoop and Torii Labs both have products specifically crafted with sleepytime in mind, and Normandin believes it will continue to be a trending topic throughout 2017. Hey, throw in a couple cannaboid chocolates and a sleep mask, and you’ve got yourself a nightly ritual.

Another thing to consider before hitting the sheets: Food plays a big part in getting a full eight hours. And, here’s the case for treating bedtime like a HIIT workout.