A new line of mouth-watering (Paleo) baked goods

(Photo: David DuPuy Photography for EKJ Project)
healthy baked goods
(Photo: David DuPuy Photography for EKJ Project)

Two weeks ago, a new batch of muffins, donuts, and brownies appeared next to the usual ones in the pastry case at cozy cafe Press Tea in New York’s West Village. These were labeled “Paleo,” “gluten-free,” and “dairy-free.” And almost immediately, they started outselling their traditional counterparts.

“The response has been outrageous,” says Emily Farley, one-third of the trio behind EKG Project, the new Paleo catering and food services company responsible for the better-for-you treats.

Farley launched EKG with Gina Cavallo and George Kuan (the owner of Press Tea) in October. Farley and Cavallo are best friends who both adhere to Paleo eating, and when they met Kuan on their way to a SoulCycle class, they realized they all shared a desire to indulge without ditching their healthy diets.

“I have a sweet tooth,” Cavallo reasons, “but it’s a responsible sweet tooth.”

healthy baked goods
Farley, Kuan, and Cavallo. (Photo: David DuPuy Photography for EKG Project)

The team worked with consultants to develop the recipes, and then Farley began baking up their new line of products out of Press Tea’s kitchen, including chocolate covered donuts, chocolate chip cookie scones, banana nut and blueberry muffins, and chocolate chip-topped brownies. (Drooling is normal at this point in the article.)

Instead of conventional baking ingredients, they use wholesome replacements like almond and coconut flour, free-range eggs, coconut oil and milk, and maple syrup for sweetener. All ingredients are non-GMO and most are organic, and all pastries are gluten-free. (Most are dairy-free, too, except for a few that use grass-fed butter.)

And if they weren’t so carefully labeled, you’d have no idea you were making a healthier choice. The brownies and donuts are super rich and chocolatey and the muffins are moist and flavorful.

While they’re currently only sold at Press Tea, EKG hopes to expand distribution to other locations soon, and they’re also booking catering jobs and developing other products, like protein drinks.  “We’re working on several other things. People are already requesting cakes and cupcakes,” Farley says. I’d personally like to place an order for delivery. —Lisa Elaine Held

For more information, visit www.ekgproject.com

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