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Coming soon to your grocer’s fridge: bottled bone broth

epic_bone_brothIf you have ever waited in line in the cold for a good bone broth—or spent hours making your own— you’re in for a treat. There’s another way to experience the purported health effects of bone broth at home, without making it yourself or using a Keurig.

Epic Provisions, the company known for its Paleo-friendly, animal-based protein bars, is introducing a line of bone broths this spring that can live in your grocer’s refrigerator section (yes, you read that right).

And the ready-to-heat broths won’t be frozen, so you can drink them straight from the bottle. Each 8-ounce serving contains 10 grams of naturally occurring protein (there are two servings per bottle), with three flavors available: turkey cranberry sage, homestyle savory chicken, and beef jalapeno sea salt. (Hot chocolate flavor you’ll still have to wait in line for.) And forget the ultra-high-heat pasteurization method of brewing.

“The broth is cooked in a traditional fashion using low heat and long duration kettle cooking,” Epic Provisions co-founder Taylor Collins told us. “They’re never heated above a gentle, rolling boil, and are never exposed to pressure, ensuring the end product has all the health benefits from homemade bone broth.”

The new products—in addition to the ready-to-heat broths, Epic also just released a new line of animal cooking oils (beef tallow, duck fat, and pork lard)— are all part of the brand’s “Whole Animal Project.” “The concept is to take a nose-to-tail approach to honoring the entire animal and reducing our waste by creating nourishing products from different cuts,” says Collins. And yes, that includes using the scraps, a clean eating approach we’re seeing everywhere.

“By utilizing the entire animal, we are creating nutrient-rich food and helping reward ranchers who raise animals in a fashion that creates healthier foods and healthier lands,” he says. And as with Epic’s other products, they’re all coming from grass-fed, pasture-raised, cage-free animals.

So you can feel extra good about your anytime-anywhere sipping. (And it may be time to finally dig up that Thermos you use on camping trips.) —Alison Feller

While you’re at it, you can use that Thermos to bring cleansing, digestion-boosting soups to work—or, pro tip: organize a lunch bunch.

(Photo: Epic Provisions)