Green juice geography: A handy map of Manhattan’s juice bars

View New York Juice Bars in a larger map

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We said the juice economy was booming last year, but it turns out it was just flexing its muscles. Manhattan is crazier than ever for green juice (and its fruit-based friends). And we’ve got the map to prove it.

The Juice Map

Mapping out all of this activity was eye opening. For one thing, it pointed out juice dead zones: like anywhere above 104th Street, Murray Hill, Times Square, and the most surprising, lower Manhattan encompassing Tribeca and the Financial District. (Perhaps all the brokers are having it trucked in?) Where are the hot spots for cold-pressed juice? Union Square and Soho.

We created the map for you to use, so that you’re not running all around town on a quest for liquid produce.

green juice
Green juice galore!

The Key:
Red: Organic Avenue
Green: Juice Press
Blue: Juice Generation
Teal: Dig Inn
Purple: BluePrint at Whole Foods
Yellow: The one-off hot spots like Liquiteria and Terri.

How to use it:
1. Save the link on your phone so you can click it when you’re leaving yoga or are in desperate need of a mid-afternoon pick-me-up.
2. Click the pin nearest you to get details. It’ll tell you the exact address, and whether it’s “Coming Soon,” in which case, save that one for a later date, and click another pin.
3. Enter, pay, and enjoy.

**This map is in no way exhaustive—we only included the brands that we know and trust to not serve you rotten apples. We know we missed your favorite local health food store, and we’re sorry. And, unfortunately, we can’t cross-check every bodega with a Breville. If you want to suggest a fabulous place we missed, please add it in the Comments, below, and we’ll try our best to give it a taste (and quality) test. We also left out the outer boroughs, which, we promise, we’ll map out soon.

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