Can a cleanse with food help curb cravings? Joulebody sets out the plates

In a landscape of juice cleanses, JouleBody Kickstart is a boutique New York food-based cleanse. How does it compare? Melisse Gelula chews on the topic.


Most of the size 2 actresses sashaying down the red carpet at last night’s Oscars had no doubt just come off of a juice cleanse. The ones who actually looked happy and nourished probably did Yvette Rose’s satisfying food-based one. The seriously spunky downtown wellness coach created Joulebody Kickstart as a smart slimming program for New Yorkers.

In a landscape of juice cleanses, Rose, who has a dozen nutrition and fitness certifications, felt New Yorkers need to be reminded of “how satisfying and energizing nutrient-packed food is.”

No cayenne or carrot sticks: Kickstart’s meal-based 3- and 5-day programs are organic, vegan dishes that fill you up and help curb cravings for things like sugar, salt, and wheat.

My 3-day cleanse came with two meals, three juices, and one Cacao Balance Brownie per day. These included chia smoothies filled with fiber, healthy fats, and protein for breakfast, plus savory raw-food small plates and veggie soups. Per cleanse conventions, I bid a temporary adieu to caffeine and alcohol, as well.

Yvette Rose, the vivacious creator of JouleBody

Did I suffer or get off scot-free? Some exclusive excerpts from my KickStart cleanse diary:


The 9:00 Chia Berry smoothie has to be shaken. It’s way yummier than its grey-green cast belies, and I love the raw, almost gritty consistency.

The 12:00 jar reads: “REPLENISH: An electrolyte broth and root vegetables consumed for energy.” But the description really undersells the savory spinach soup with soft chickpeas. Add a little cream and it could be a starter at Per Se.

At 3:00 there’s a green juice then a citrus one at 5:00. With a juice or soup every two hours, I’m not feeling panicked or deprived.

7:00 A little collard green-aduzki bean burrito looks especially “ito” to me, crammed into the same mason jar as the soups. But it’s freakin delish, especially the ginger-something on top. I want the recipe.


I have a small cup of bancha tea, which I was allowed at a macrobiotic spa last year, so I feel like it’s fine. I email Rose who agrees, and says I can drink all the herbal tea I want.

My 9:00 breakfast chia smoothie goes down too quickly. I look at the clock and worry that noon seems really far away.

Noon Another fantastic soup, this one with lentils, and seasoned beautifully. Thank god.

Special delivery! (photo: Vogue)

3:00 My fiancé is baking and thinks it’s funny that I’m on a cleanse. I drink two cups of Yogi Licorice Mint tea.

7:00 I eat my soup, and resolve not to eat the cake at the birthday party we’re going to. (I don’t!)


I woke up this morning craving the chia smoothie! I feel like I’ve already made headway toward conquering my cravings. And my energy level’s terrific—I head off to yoga touting my juices. Next time I’ll try a 5-day cleanse.

Takeaway: Delicious vegan dishes taste like they were made by a chef, with love. And yes, I lost a couple of pounds.  —Melisse Gelula

Joulebody Kickstart 3-day cleanses with two meals, three juices, and one Cacao Balance Brownie per day start at $225; 5-day cleanses start at $360,

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