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Photo: Sambazon/Unsplash

Sure, avocado toast and smoothie bowls are delicious. But they also happen to be really pretty—which is why it’s hard to resist taking #foodporn pictures of those avo-topped, flax-filled breakfasts before devouring them.

Well, fun news, food ‘grammers: New research published in the Journal of Consumer Marketing suggests that taking a picture of your food before eating it may actually make it taste better. Best of all, the study found that we may enjoy healthy foods more if we know they’re popular with other people. (Consider it the hashtag effect.)

Consider it proof that scrolling the #cleaneats hashtag before making your brunch order is actually inspiring and productive.

The research included three studies with more than 120 participants in each, New York magazine reports. While the first two focused on the impact that iPhone snapping had on enjoying red velvet cake and fruit salad (spoiler alert: people love their dessert, especially when they post photos of it on Instagram), the third study was focused solely on good-for-you options.

Researchers found that once people were made aware that other people were eating—and ‘gramming—healthy foods, they were more inclined to enjoy them as well. Consider it proof that scrolling the #cleaneats hashtag before making your brunch order is actually inspiring and productive.

So as silly as it may seem to perfectly arrange those salt and pepper shakers and pretty placemats on your breakfast bar before diving into your pancakes, giving your food a little extra (Insta-worthy) attention may just lead to love at first bite.

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