Ivanka Trump’s health coach loves tapenade and tempeh hot wings

Maria Marlowe When lifestyle guru (and long-distance runner) Ivanka Trump asks you to be her company’s lead health coach, you definitely don’t say no. That’s what happened to Institute for Integrative Nutrition grad Maria Marlowe, who did private coaching for Trump and ended up coming on as a corporate wellness coach for her whole office. (She now exclusively offers group classes.)

“I mostly work with women, and specialize in how to eat for weight loss and clear skin,” explains Marlowe, who went through her own get-healthy process in her 20s. “I give a 10-week-long class on what to avoid and why, not just give you a list of what to eat.”

Or, in other words, give a lady a fish and you feed her for a day, but teach her to fish and she’ll be making wild salmon with herbs for dinner that will keep her skin glowing.

How does Marlowe lead by example? The New Yorker shares what’s for dinner at her place, below. —Jamie McKillop

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Look at your tidy fridge! What’s in the three jars on the top shelf to the right? That’s olive tapenade. It was on sale, that’s why I have three of them. I cut up jicama, carrots, or broccoli and dip it in that as a snack.

Salty, yummy! What are in the two little mason jars on the top left? That’s raspberry and blueberry chia seed jam that I made. I put a little scoop in my oatmeal or gluten-free pancakes. I use coconut sugar instead of regular sugar to make it.

I’m so making that. Is that quinoa in one of the Tupperware containers? Yes, it’s prepared quinoa. It’s a complete protein, and it’s super filling. I make a big batch on Sundays and put it on salads or eat it with a little spinach. I know it only takes 10 minutes, but it’s so nice to have some things pre-made.

What are all of those greens in the glass jars?
Those are herbs—parsley, dill, and cilantro. They keep fresh best when you put them in a little jar with some water and cover them loosely with a plastic bag. They’ll last up to a week if you change the water every day. I use herbs everywhere. They freshen everything up. I chop up big handfuls and put them in a salad. I’ll even use parsley as a salad green. Or, they’re great in omelettes or on a salmon. It’s super detoxifying.

What do you usually have for dinner? For dinner I love making my own version of the macrobowl. I do half greens and sweet potato, and then some sort of protein. Either quinoa, tempeh, or wild salmon. And then a tahini or ginger miso dressing.

What else do you use the tempeh for? I love to chop it up in a salad. I slice it into bigger pieces and sauté it with barbecue sauce. It tastes like hot wings.

For more information, visit mariamarlowe.com

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(Photo: Maria Marlowe)

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