The Well+Good map of New York City juice bars. Updated!

(Photos: Juice Press, Juice Generation)
new york city juice bars
(Photos: Juice Press, Juice Generation)

Maps of New York City typically show a lot of concrete and skyscrapers, but ours is painted green—with juice, of course.

When we first launched our Manhattan map of the island’s green juice geography in December 2012 it was clear that juice bars were pouring into nearly every neighborhood. And more than two years (and tons of kale) later, it’s turned into a green juice flood.

After giving the map an update in September 2013, we’ve refreshed it again to make getting your liquid-produce fix even easier.

Some of the stand-out updates from the past year-and-a-half?

In Manhattan, Juice Press, Organic Avenue, and Dig Inn opened new locations all over the place, and new brands like The Juice Shop and Pure Green came onto the scene. Brooklyn continued to see lots of juice bar expansions, too, with Juice Generation opening in Williamsburg and The Squeeze setting up shop in Bushwick, to name a few.

Not to mention the fact that you can now pick up a wide variety of cold-pressed juice brands at Whole Foods or grab one along with your morning latte at Starbucks locations throughout the city (though we can’t possibly include all of those on our tiny map). Happy sipping! —Jamie McKillop

How to use this map

1. Save the link on your phone, so you can click it when you’re leaving yoga or are in desperate need of a mid-afternoon pick-me-up.
2. Click the pin nearest you to get details. It’ll tell you juice brand and the exact address.
3. Enter the juice bar, pay, and enjoy.

*Note: This map is not exhaustive—we’ve only included the brands that we know and trust to not serve you rotten apples. We know we missed your favorite local health food store, and we’re sorry. And, unfortunately, we can’t cross-check every bodega with a Breville. If you want to suggest a fabulous place we missed, please add it in the Comments, below, and we’ll try our best to give it a taste (and quality) test.


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