3 recipes from a detox guru to help you sip your way through winter


JvP_063014_21340_sRGB The dream of winter: a beautiful, snowy wonderland that you can’t help but run out into and relish.

The reality of winter: a cold, harsh slog that is most often “enjoyed” from the comforts of the great indoors.

JamieGraber_Gingersnaps_DIY-cleanse_book So if the thought of making the trek to your favorite juice spot sends you running to the nearest Snuggie, you have two options: do nothing, or do it yourself.

Luckily Jamie Graber, detox guru and founder of the New York City’s Gingersnap’s Organic, is making the choice a little easier to make, by sharing with us three recipes from her new book Juice It, Blend It, Live It. Each one—a juice, a smoothie, and a hemp seed milk—promise to make your inside time a little…healthier.

And if you’re ready to use that time to try your hand at DIY detoxing, she’s got advice on that too… —Rebecca Willa Davis

(Photos: Jamie Graber)


Get Started
The Juice: Ginger Blast
1 full head romaine
1 whole cucumber
2 thumbs ginger
1 whole lime
2 kale leaves (with stems)
2 stalks celery

“Ginger is one of my favorite vegetables. It adds a delicious spice to everything, but it’s also incredibly healing. It reduces inflammation, stimulates circulation, and can help with digestion,” says Graber. “I included two thumbs of ginger in this one, but if that’s too strong for you, change it to one.”


The Smoothie: Beauty Tonic
½ cucumber
¼ cantaloupe
¼ cup filtered water
1 thumb turmeric
1 teaspoon coconut oil
1 pinch black pepper

“Cantaloupe is high in vitamins A and C. I think of it as a beauty fruit, since it nourishes both my skin and hair,” says Graber.



The Seed Milk: Hemp Milk
2/3 cup hemp seeds
2 cups water
4 dates
1 tablespoon cinnamon
1 pinch salt

“Hemp seeds are a great form of digestible fiber,” explains Graber. “They also contain all nine of the essential amino acids. This is important because your body needs them to build muscle—it can’t do this on its own.”


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