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MAKE OUT is not a kissing booth. Nor is it your average takeout spot. Opening Wednesday [update: the opening is now Saturday, April 11] in Culver City, it’s a healthy fast-casual spin on chef Matthew Kenney’s elegant M.A.K.E. restaurant in Santa Monica.

“The food inspiration is the same,” says the raw-food pioneer of his new concept. “We use the same quality ingredients and a lot of the same recipes, but this is designed to be on-the-go.” (The chic, airy space designed by Aly Daly—think cement floors, reclaimed wood, and glittering chandeliers—does have a few seats for lingering and sharing, should you not be able to wait before tearing open your lunch.)

That means plant-based wraps, greens, bowls, and flatbreads that serve as a filling lunch or dinner, with the added bonus of a serious nutritional edge—the one thing that often gets compromised when you’re in a hurry.


“There’s nothing fast about the food itself, but the way you can get it is fast,” says Kenney. He’s referring to tasty items like a Pepper Kelp Bowl and a curry brown rice Yogi Wrap, plus a full juice and smoothie menu with SoCal-inspired names like Ojai, Runyon, and Palm Springs (pineapple, cucumber, aloe vera, and lime, natch).

Kenney says the local inspiration is a big part of what he’s up to, and why he’s hot on bringing seasonal, plant-based cuisine to a fast-paced, even-faster-growing neighborhood.

“So much of the work we do is inspired by the market: the produce, the seasonality, and the lifestyle in general,” he says. “Hopefully we’re changing the way people eat on the go, one meal at a time.”

We can see how easy it would be to follow through on his cheeky slogan and hashtag and #makeouteveryday. —Kara Griffin

MAKE OUT, 9426 W. Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA, 90232, (310) 394-7046,

(Photos from top: MAKE OUT; Kara Griffin)