Moon Juice launches its online Moon Pantry into the webosphere

The cult-favorite Los Angeles juice bar now makes its raw vegan snacks, edgy nutrition tonics, and health-boosting beauty elixirs available to the planet.
Moon Juice in Los Angeles now makes its raw snacks, edgy nutrition tonics, and beauty elixirs available to the planet.
Moon Juice in Los Angeles now makes its raw vegan snacks, edgy nutrition tonics, and health-boosting beauty elixirs available to the planet. (Photos: Moon Juice)

Until now, the Moon Juice pantry full of health tonics, beauty dusts, and cosmic provisions has only been available at the Los Angeles cult-fave juice bars.

And while there are three locations spread throughout the city—the original Venice shop, the larger dine-in Silver Lake location and the hip new outpost at the Ace Hotel DTLA, a lot more people on plant earth will now able to “thrive cosmically” with just the click of a mouse. Moon Juice has launched its Moon Pantry into the webosphere.

This is good thing, since all the items are created or curated by founder Amanda Chantal Bacon, whose crazy good taste leads her to uncover things like superfood tinctures, cool wellness elixirs, and facial oils. But like a chef (always a chef) who values sharing her tips and tools, Bacon wanted to get these somewhat undiscovered wellness goodies to a larger audience.

Moon Juice's Blue Adaptogen Protein
One of the cool proteins in the Pantry (Photo: Moon Juice via Facebook)

Her solution? Create an in-house range of high-functioning health staples—oh, and launch an entire online apothecary.

“I looked at my kitchen and bathroom cabinets and it was a mess of different bags and pouches and containers,” explains Bacon, whose serious culinary background has given her a leg up on the LA juice scene.

“I craved an organized, library-style pantry. So for the last few years I’ve been traveling, sourcing, and tasting, so I could offer the best available version of these incredible foods for people to take home and start alchemizing,” she says.

The resulting thirty-five items in the Moon Juice Pantry, or ‘the basics’ as Bacon calls them, include everything from several protein powders for smoothies and chia seeds, to adaptogens like schisandra berry and ashwaganda, and Chinese medicines pulled from ancient Taoist remedies.

“These are things we use in the Moon Juice kitchen everyday,” says Bacon. “Combined with specialty items that have been life-changing for me and are in my personal pantry.” Bacon is proud of the fact that all of the Chinese medicine items in the pantry are certified organic. “That’s pretty unique,” she says, while the Pearl and Bee Pollen are wildcrafted as “it’s very find to find organic supplies of those.”

Moon Juice Tonics
The Moon Juice Dusts and Tonics that target specific things like sleep, beauty, and stress. (Photo: Moon Juice)

Then there are the specialty foods and ingredients just “too good to dump in a smoothie,” says Bacon. But for those of us who aren’t exactly sure what a Tocotrienal is good for or when to choose a Reishi over a Cordycep or Chaga mushroom, a filter allows you to search the site by benefit such as ‘thyroid and adrenal support,’ ‘stress relief,’ ‘energy boost,’ or ‘aphrodisiac.’ (The Moon Log blog has tips on how to incorporate that bee pollen into your diet—hint: sprinkle it on a slice of apple—or brew up an ashwaganda latte with almond milk and stevia.)

We want to teach you how to really experience these high functioning foods, taste them, enjoy them, and become confident in using them,” Bacon exclaims.

Other items available include her own Moon Dusts and Tonics, delicious vegan non-perishable snacks like date and cashew butter, cumin chard crisps (off the hook), and dulse and vinegar almonds, and a selection of Bacon’s personal favorite sundries including the Zenbunni Moon Juice raw chocolate bar and Svadanta Ayurvedic toothpaste. “I am hoping we will revolutionize the way people think about health and beauty,” Bacon says. Starting with your cupboards. —Rachel Marlowe

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