How Moon Juice is changing the wellness game—again

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“I never set out to have a beauty brand… I don’t even brush my hair,” proclaims Moon Juice founder Amanda Chantal Bacon.

And yet, thanks to her luminous skin, a mane that’d make a French girl jealous, and her general aura of sparkly good health, Bacon’s become an unwitting spokesmodel for natural beauty—a phenomenon that largely inspired Moon Juice’s newest outpost on Melrose Place.

Moon Juice Melrose4 “It’s really a showcase of where our brand has organically moved,” Bacon explains, noting that customers consider her line of raw juices, dusts, and adaptogenic powders part of their beauty arsenals, just like facial serums or dry shampoo. “Melrose Place is the block to get your beauty on, and our shop [reflects] what this high-end green beauty world has become.”

To that end, Bacon has filled the shelves with not just her ingestible beauty boosters, but topical ones, too—think Pratima’s Ayurvedic skincare, Shiva Rose’s botanical potions, and wildcrafted goods by Living Libations.

A grab-and-go fridge will house Moon Juice’s full range of juices and vegan milks, as well as two entirely new product lines: a range of Moon Milks upgraded with adaptogenic herbs, and Moon Tonics, which combine ultra-hydrating bases (aloe, coconut water) with glow-inducing ingredients like blue spirulina, pearl, schisandra, and ashwagandha. (“Think new-age, really tasty, really good-for-you Gatorade,” says Bacon.)

Must-Have Dusts

But perhaps the shop’s true centerpiece is the alchemy bar, where guests will be able to order Vittoria organic coffee and herbal teas custom-blended with the brand’s beloved Moon Dusts. (Think of it as a next-level Alfred.)

Moon Juice Melrose3

“There has been such global demand for the Dusts—I’m talking about thousands and thousands of repeat customers, people ordering six at a time,” says Bacon, who notes that the Beauty Dust and Sex Dust have particularly cult-like followings. “The alchemy bar is really a way to show people how easy it is to get these Moon Dusts in—I make these drinks for myself every morning, and I thought, we have to build a store where we can do this for people all day long.”

What’s up with the crystal?

As if that all wasn’t high-vibe enough, a giant piece of Mendocino jade will greet passers-by—a stone that Bacon says is “almost adaptogenic… there are so many things that it’s been reported to heal and help with.” (As Bacon demonstrates below, #moonhugs are highly encouraged.)

Moon Juice Melrose5 Ironically, it’s being bolted to the front of the building, which will prevent it from experiencing the same fate as the rose quartz from Moon Juice’s Silver Lake outpost. (Someone pocketed it several weeks ago—neo-folk musician Father John Misty jokingly claimed responsibility shortly after, but so far the real culprit, a male who was caught on the store’s security camera, hasn’t been found.) “It’s funny that it’s mounted on the wall, because we decided to do that before somebody made off with our crystal,” Bacon explains. “I’m really sad about that—that rose quartz was very special.”

Clearly, the rogue rock is still sending her good energy from afar—along with the new Melrose Place digs, Bacon is wrapping up her first cookbook, which comes out this October. “The book is my blood, sweat, and tears,” she says. “I went old-school and just did it all myself—there’s no ghostwriter, no food stylist. It really came from the center of my heart.” Finally: A real-deal handbook for the inside-out beauty brigade—particularly those who won’t be in LA anytime soon.

Moon Juice, 8463-3 Melrose Place, Los Angeles, CA, 90069, 323-852-3414,

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