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pitaya cubes

We’re not usually ones to be superficial, but when it comes to posting food and drinks on social media, sometimes looks matter. And if a pretty dish is also healthy (which, let’s face it, the best ones are), we’ll be the first to double tap. That’s exactly what these pitaya cubes make us want to do.

Made of nothing more than 100 percent raw, frozen pitaya—the superfood du jour—these bright magenta Pitaya Plus cubes are high in fiber and a great source of enzymes, magnesium, and vitamin B2.

While they’re currently only available pre-cubed in Safeway stores, you can make your own by blending up the whole fruit, pouring it into ice cube trays, and then freezing it. Then you can pop them straight like grapes, blend into smoothies or sauces, or simply toss them into a glass of water or a healthy summer cocktail.

“The cubes still have the tiny seeds which give them the appearance of little pink dice, which look amazing when used as ice in cocktails and juices,” says Pitaya Plus co-founder Chuck Casano (case and point: the pretty photo above). “I love throwing a few into my margarita. My wife puts them on top of her salad, and even blends them into pancake batter to make pink pitaya pancakes for our daughter.”

Vitamins, minerals, and an irresistible shot for your Instagram feed? It’s a hat-trick of a healthy summer snack. —Amy Marturana

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(Photo: Pitaya Plus)