New York City favorite Sakara will deliver chic, healthy meals to Southern California

Sakara SoCal (healthy) babes rejoice.

Sakara, the plant-based meal delivery service that’s popular among New York’s chic, downtown health trendsetters, is officially launching on the West Coast on June 1—from Santa Barbara all the way to San Diego.

“We have a lot of clients who split time between New York City and Los Angeles, and we want to be able to provide them with fresh, healthy food wherever they go,” says co-founder Whitney Tingle. “In LA, people already know how to eat healthy, but it’s a matter of not having time to do the shopping or cooking. We want to offer the convenience of our program.”

Sakara’s Cali meal program will operate almost exactly like it does in New York City, with delivery options that range from one-day to three-months of meals (starting at about $130 a day depending on whether you want just breakfast, lunch, or dinner), and deliveries happening overnight, so you wake up to your food waiting for you in a cute black-and-white Sakara bag.

While the seasonal menu will be similar to what’s offered on the East Coast, Sakara’s West Coast employees will shop for produce at local farmers markets, incorporating local ingredients where ever possible.

Delivery in Southern California has already kicked off for friends and family during May, and thanks to pre-sale orders, there’s already a wait-list for everyone else come June 1.

“We already have so many followers in LA, our spots are filling up really quickly,” co-founder Danielle DuBoise says. “We’re already trying to build a bigger facility!”

Tingle and DuBoise also say that Sakara will be available in the Bay Area later this year, so soon enough, according to one of their favorite mottos, all of California will be “eating the rainbow.” —Jamie McKillop

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