You can now get a chia seed parfait under $5 at the drive-through

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When it comes to fast food, a salad loaded with seasonal veggies—or a roasted sweet potato, kale, and banana smoothie—isn’t exactly what comes to mind. Well, get ready to wrap your brain around this new reality. With her fast-growing chain, Salad & Go, Roushan Christofellis is out to change the way Americans think about drive-through dining.

Based in Arizona, the menu is packed with healthy options, and everything is under $6. (This isn’t Sweetgreen with a to-go window tacked on to it.) Christofellis says her mission is clear: to provide cheap, convenient meals for the masses.

The entrepreneur tells Fast Company that shortly after she turned 30, her parents started to have health problems. It made her want to change her own diet, but being a busy working mom, the last thing she wanted to do was cook when she got home. Frustrated with the lack of cheap, quick healthy food options, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

Salad & Go has a sizable salad menu, with the nutritional value clearly called out, superfood smoothies (for only $4.50), and breakfasts like chia seed parfait, and protein-packed peanut butter wraps (with strawberries and bananas). And while the kids’ menu doesn’t offer toys, it does have kid-friendly wraps, like peanut butter and banana or turkey and cheese. And instead of fries? Cucumber pinwheels and apples with low-fat Ranch dressing are offered up.

And good news: Christofellis says she’s ready to expand her business beyond Arizona state lines. Road tripping is going to be a whole lot healthier.

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