“The Gisele and Tom Diet” now has a $200 cookbook

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Good news for anyone who’s been following the Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen diet to the point where they can make that vegan, gluten-free coconut cream pie with their eyes closed.

The plant-powered quarterback just released a $200 limited-edition “nutrition manual” through his sports endurance company TB12, featuring 89 seasonal (and super-healthy) recipes ranging from sweet potato gnocchi to avocado ice cream. In other words, you’ll be able to eat like Tom and Gisele 365 days a year—no personal chef necessary.

“I wanted to share with you guys another step toward achieving your peak performance,” Brady wrote on Facebook, when he announced the news of the release earlier this week.

While the price is a bit outrageous (it almost makes the new ClassPass rate seem reasonable), CBS Local reports that the manual (printed on “100-pound text paper,” which is really just Dunder Mifflin speak for thicker pages) has a “unique binding that allows the buyer to insert new cooking instructions that TB12 expects to send in the future.” In other words, you’ll be getting regular updates direct from the Brady Clan kitchen.

Which is enough for some people: The book’s initial printing has already sold out. (You can, however, place your pre-order for the second edition.) In the meantime, how about a Gisele-approved superfood smoothie?

Can’t afford the cookbook? You can learn how to plank from Gisele for free. And while Tom doesn’t usually drink, we bet he’d break his food rules for this avocado margarita.

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