Why Nina Agdal is all about a good steak—and what she eats on days she sports a crop top

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Photo: Wagner/AKM-GSI

If you were to peek inside the fridge of a Victoria’s Secret model, you might not expect to find big hunks of meat and cases of Muscle Milk, but (refreshingly) protein has taken center stage in the model diet.

“I eat a lot of steak—a lot,” Nina Agdal shared, after getting some punches in at Overthrow boxing studio. “Besides that, I eat a lot of chicken. I make sure to eat lots of lean protein.”

In the past, women—particularly models—would have rather reached for a coconut water than a high-protein drink, but Agdal is all about it. “I think all women are a little scared of high-protein drinks at first until they actually learn about it,” she says. “Everyone needs protein. You need it especially if you work out a lot, but even if you don’t, it’s still really important because it keeps you full and tones your muscles. A lot of women think they’re going to bulk up if they have too much, but you won’t. I’m telling you, you won’t!”

Agdal says on an average day, she’ll have Muscle Milk Coffeehouse in the morning or yogurt and honey (her fave is Chobani). For lunch, she typically goes for a salad. “I love going to Sweetgreen,” she says. “But I always get too excited and end up spending, like, $30—I just want every single topping!” For dinner, it’s back to her staples: chicken or steak.

So what about those days when she throws on a crop top—knowing full well she’ll be photographed in it, or has to wear a teeny tiny bikini for a photo shoot? Would she still order a rib-eye before hitting the beach? Okay, on those days, not so much. “If I’m going to be in a crop top and know I’m going to be photographed, I stick with juices, shakes, and protein bars,” she says. But even then, she’s still all about that protein.

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