Why you might want to reach for red wine over white at your holiday parties

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Tis the season to be merry—and that typically includes indulging in (superfood-packed) cocktails and the more occasional glass of wine. But a new study gives the strong case for choosing red over white if you’re looking to sip on some vino.

According to an analysis of studies conducted by the American Association for Cancer Research, daily white wine drinkers have a 13 percent increased risk in melanoma (a form of skin cancer), compared to drinkers of red wine and other types of alcohol.

The study looked at participants from three surveys that followed 210,000 health professionals (three-quarters of whom were female) over an 18-year period.

Participants who drank the most white wine had a 50 percent higher chance of getting melanoma, and people who drank more alcohol had a greater increase in risk. Surprisingly, the melanoma was found on areas of the body that weren’t exposed to sunlight—which shows the risk from white wine isn’t related to sun exposure.

But here are a few important caveats about the study that a Forbes report found: One is that both red and white wine contain acetaldehyde, which is a cancer-causing agent, so it’s not clear why you have a higher chance of getting skin cancer from just white.

Also important? Having a 13 percent higher risk does not mean you have a a 13 percent chance overall of getting melanoma from drinking white wine—looking at the raw numbers, the actual chance is 0.24 percent more compared to non-drinkers, Forbes reports.

Either way, maybe at your next party, opt for a rich burgundy. But if you are concerned, your best bet is to just cut back on alcohol consumption (or perhaps even go sober, a very on-trend thing to do for 2017).

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