Whole Foods’ 365 Markets will be all about affordability—and sustainability

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Nearly a year after Whole Foods announced its forthcoming millennial-focused, hip-and-trendy (and more affordable) chain of sister stores, the brand is finally getting ready to open its doors.

The first 365 by Whole Foods Market store will make its debut in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles on May 25, Eater reports. The chain’s lower prices (consider calling it Half Paycheck rather than Whole Paycheck) are a major selling point, and 365 is upping the it’s-cool-to-shop-here factor by focusing on sustainability and a zero-waste effort.

The store’s leftover food will go to food banks, and scraps will be composted, Fast Coexist reports. The lights are LEDs, the refrigeration cases run on CO2 and boast a lower carbon footprint than regular fridges, and 25 percent of the waste heat from those units will be recaptured and reused. The store’s fixtures are also designed to save as much water as possible.

“I think we’ll be able to get more and more sustainable in our brand as we get more of these open,” Jeff Turnas, president of the new 365 chain, tells Fast Coexist. “The good thing about the 365 stores is that they are meant to be a little bit more consistent in the layouts and the design and build, so it allows us to make decisions that are going to be the same for every store going forward.”

And while the tattoo parlor didn’t make the final cut (so much for getting a sleeve of superfoods), shoppers will be able to scoop up munchies from New York-based vegan cult fave By Chloe, as well as get hydrated with the help of Allegro Coffee Roasters and TeaBot, among the other brands involved in the company’s Friends of 365 partnership initiative. Fast Company reports that By Chloe will have a 1,200-square foot space with 20 seats, a separate street entrance from the main store, and a passageway that connects it to the market. (So it’s essentially a permanent tenant rather than a pop-up location.)

Next up: 365 takes over the West Coast, with stores opening in Lake Oswego, OR, and Bellevue, WA, this summer. No word on whether they’ll have (air-baked) fries with that, courtesy of By Chloe—or whether an East Coast expansion is imminent as well—but we’ll keep our comfort food-loving fingers crossed.

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