The 5 coolest things you’ll see in Whole Foods in 2017

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The zoodle explosion in the produce section at Whole Foods was definitely a win for 2016. (So. Many. Spirilized. Veggies.) So what can shoppers expect to see in the aisles in 2017?

The organic food retailer just revealed the top 10 things they are most excited about in the world of healthy food and drinks, offering some valuable insight into category as a whole.

Keep reading for intel on the five buzziest products you can expect to see  (and eat…) next year.

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1. Wellness tonics

Good news for kombucha lovers: Whole Foods is on the hunt for even more wellness tonics. Their report states that they’re especially keeping an eye out for new drinks with good-for-you ingredients like kava, holy basil, ashwagandha, apple cider vinegar, and inflammation‘s biggest power player, turmeric.

Whole Foods 2017 trend: kombucha and wellness tonics
Photo: Jenna Cantagallo for Well+Good


2. Coconut everything

Another ingredient you can expect to see on more labels the grocer will be stocking: coconut—and not just in water and oil. According to the Whole Foods report, you’ll see the tropical fruit popping up in more alternative sweeteners and used in cool, new ways, like in flour tortillas.

3. Super-cool condiments

The grocer is also going big with condiments. This is way beyond Sriracha. Think: pomegranate molasses, date syrup, and Mexican hot chocolate spreads. (Good call, WF.)

Whole Foods 2017 trend: purple cauliflower
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4. So much purple

The wellness-leaning grocer even picked out one color in particular they’re pretty pumped about. Get ready for purple chips, fruit, and veggies. (Purple cauliflower FTW!) Call it the Instagram effect.

5. Clean-conscious shopping

And you know how “ugly vegetables” was a bit of a sustainability project for the company this year? Next year, they want to do good by supporting brands that have come up with creative ways to use food scraps, like Sir Kensington. Which means that the next time you spend half your paycheck at the retailer, you can at least feel pretty good about it.

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