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(Photo: Suja Juice)
(Photo: Suja Juice)

Ready for your healthiest, most successful fall ever? We asked top wellness experts for smart yet simple tips that will help keep you focused, productive, and stress-free all season long—whether you’re on a land-a-promotion track or a healthier eating mission.

For your fall toolkit: Focus on nutrients instead of calories.

Annie Lawless, co-founder of Suja Juice, explains

Fall is the season of eating when we tend to eat more hearty, warming foods and indulge in larger portions. We also tend to worry about gaining weight and blowing our diets… But instead of stressing about calories and weight, which will also wreak havoc on your waistline thanks to stress hormones, focus on the nutrient value in the foods you’re eating. The quality of your food is much more important than the calories in it.

An avocado might have double the calories of that packaged granola bar, but what will your body like more? Salmon may seem fattier than other proteins, but its anti-inflammatory omega-3s are not to be missed. Butternut squash and sweet potatoes have more calories than other veggies, but it’s silly to avoid them with their extremely high antioxidant and vitamin A levels. Lots of fall coffee drinks are loaded with crap to make them “skinny” by subbing in low-fat dairy and sugar-free syrup. Your body will be much happier having a coffee with a bit of full-fat cream, which is rich in anti-inflammatory conjugated linoleic acid, and a dash of blood-sugar regulating cinnamon.

This simple shift in thinking about what foods to eat will help you naturally and effortlessly make better choices that will keep your immune system humming, your energy levels high, and your pants zipping up easily. —Jamie McKillop

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