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Alfred Tea Pin It
Photos: Alfred Tea Room

But first…matcha?

That might just be the new rallying cry for the caffeinated set, since Alfred Coffee—the super-buzzy Los Angeles-based café brand that popularized that meme—is preparing to open a tea room on Melrose Place.

Founder Josh Zad conceived of the idea when an irresistible space became available across the street from the OG Alfred location. “I have a very robust tea business inside Alfred Coffee—matcha, specifically, has really taken off within the last few months—so it made sense to open up a tea shop,” he tells us.

Alfred Tea

When Alfred Tea Room opens on May 2, Zad says to expect a menu of around 20 different varieties from various makers, including Portland’s Smith Teamakers and San Francisco’s Tea People. Everything will be available hot, flash-iced, or as a latte, while he’s also developing sub-menus dedicated to matcha, chai, and boba. And if you want to linger at an outdoor table—you know, while you find the right filter for that artsy pic of your to-go cup—there will be sustenance in the way of mini-pastries and tea sandwiches.

As delish as that all sounds, we have a feeling that the space itself will be the social media star: It’s draped in floor-to-ceiling cotton candy pink tile. “I had been floating around the idea to do an all-pink location for Alfred Coffee in Studio City, but then that got delayed,” Zad tells us. “It actually makes way more sense for tea, because it’s considered so dainty and feminine.” Good luck deciding what you’ll end up posting a photo of: your cup, or the walls.

Why all the fuss about matcha? Here’s why it’s having a moment. Oh, and mushroom tonics are also trending in LA—this is where to find the city’s best