Is Chip Wilson officially done with Lululemon?


Scores of pissed off yogis may be inspired to take their Wunder Unders out of storage this week.

According to the Associated Press, Lululemon founder Chip Wilson officially stepped down from the company’s board this week, further severing his ties to the pioneering yoga pant purveyor (after several years of taking less of a role in the company). He still owns about 10.3 million shares of Lululemon, a stake worth more than $650 million.

The controversial businessman has been making (even mega-obsessed) fans of the fitness fashion brand super angry for years, first by printing Ayn Rand-inspired quotes on shopping bags and, more significantly, blaming women’s fat thighs for Lulu’s see-through pants problem.

The AP says Wilson will turn his focus to helping his wife and son with their new venture, Kit & Ace, a machine-washable line of cashmere-based streetwear. —Lisa Elaine Held

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