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Photo: Instagram/@lululemon
Photo: [email protected]

For anyone who thought Lululemon’s prices wouldn’t go up again anytime soon, rumor has it that a price hike could be closer than you think.

According to a popular Canadian blogger Lulumum—who, you may have guessed, reports on Lululemon news—price increases that have recently rolled out in Canada are just the beginning and will be making their way to the US in the next few weeks.

“The new Cool Racerback IIs are now in stores and they are priced at an eye watering $52. When I started this blog, Cool Racerbacks were $38,” she writes in a recent post. “I’ve now heard that the US will also be getting price increases sometime after the Canadian increase on August 1.”

The Cool Racerback tank is currently available on the U.S. website for $42, which equals about $55 Canadian—and with prices set to spike up soon, there’s no guessing how much higher it will go.

While a spokesperson for Lululemon did not immediately respond to our request for comment and clarification on prices, a rep for the brand told Business Insider that “the increase in prices has to do with innovating and improving fabrics, functionality, technicality, and fit.” (So you’ll be getting more bang for more bucks?)

The Lululemon rep also said that the only American prices that will go up will be some sports bras and the Swiftly line of running apparel.

While a slew of customers in Canada commented on Lulumum’s post with promises to end their shopping habits immediately, the question remains whether US shoppers will have reason for a similar backlash Stateside.

We’d love to know—will you stop shopping at the ultra-popular brand if prices go up?

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