Your Seasonal Allergies Don’t Stand a Chance Against This New Google App

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Allergies are as annoying as they are unavoidable. To keep from sniffling through what can feel like an entire season, itchy-eyed sufferers will try anything—acupuncture, allergy-fighting snacks—that may work. It appears Google feels that sneezy pain.

Graphic: Google

Today a new feature is rolling out on the search engine's mobile app—as well as on the desktop version—that provides a pollen index and forecast data for your specific region (if you're an iPhone or Android user). And because Google is working with the Weather Channel, you'll also get up-to-date info, making it easier to know when to pop an antihistamine or maybe just avoid going outside altogether.

To get the allergen skinny, simply type "pollen forecast" into the search bar of the app—really, it's that easy.

In the likely event that you forget to peep the pollen info card for the day amid your busy morning routine, don't worry—Google has a fix for that, too. The app lets you enable automatic notifications that will ping you when the pollen count in your area is particularly high: After your first pollen search, tap "turn on" when prompted, and voilà, you'll be forever in the know.

And PSA: If this tool can't keep your sniffles completely at bay, do not, under any circumstances, Google your symptoms—here's why it always ends in tears.

If the pollen index is high enough to keep you inside, do your skin a favor and take an ACV bath. Then Zen out even more with this meditation app.

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