Google Confirms That 2017 Was the Year of Apple Cider Vinegar

Photo: Stocksy/Rene de Haan

Google has officially released its annual "Year in Search" data detailing the most popular search terms of 2017 and, given that the site knows more about you than your own mother, you may recognize some as ones you've searched yourself—especially when it comes to healthy eating.

According to the tech behemoth, the most-searched term in this category is "apple cider vinegar diet." This is unsurprising if you've followed health headlines at all in 2017, as you then know that ACV has been one of the wellness world's stars for quite some time now.

Apple cider vinegar is purported to boost digestion and metabolismElizabeth Hurley swears by it for this purpose, in fact—and help you feel fuller, longer. What's more, studies show it also can help balance blood sugar and regulate blood pressure—and its many fans (you probably know a few) swear by it as a digestive aid, a sleep-quality booster, and a skin-improving tonic (though research showing this is TBD). Can't stomach apple cider vinegar in shot form? Worry not, as you can still enjoy its benefits by using it creatively when cooking and cocktail-ing.

Also popular this year, according to Google, were searches for "plant-based diet," and for equally good reasons. Living that veggie life has a lot of benefits—from plant proteins that help balance out the negative effects of less-healthy habits (hello, happy hour) to avoiding the increased risk of diabetes that may come with meat consumption. And if you're worried about getting adequate protein sans animal products, Beyonce may have it figured out (as with all things).

Rounding out the top 3 in the diet category for Google's most-searched terms of 2017 is the "Tom Brady diet," better known to you, in all likelihood, as the Gisele diet. It, too, emphasizes veggies. The Brady-Bündchen clan follows a meal plan which is 80 percent plant-based, 20 percent animal protein-based, and excludes things like white flour, white sugar, inflammatory nightshades (e.g. tomatoes), and, impossibly for some, caffeine. The power duo is helped by a personal chef who can DIY fruit roll-ups (jelly!), but don't let your lack of such amenities deter you in the new year. Here's how to kick both sugar and coffee on your own—no supermodel and NFL experience needed.

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