5 Ways to Get Your Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric-Drink Fix on the Go

Photo: Instagram/@brewdrkombucha
These days, there's no shortage of ways to get your turmeric fix—skin care, Pret A Manger lattes, DIY golden milk, scrambled eggs, you get the picture. But what most people do have a shortage of is time (or in my case, patience). Well now, when you need that anti-inflammatory, tooth-whitening pick-me-up but don't feel like A. making a mess in your (office's) kitchen or B. slogging through the morning coffee rush at your local trendy shop full of chic alt-latte options, you're in luck. There are many turmeric-rich grab-and-go elixir *officially* on the market.

Your options span the (sort of expected) turmeric kombucha to the more novel pressed juices and sipping vinegars. But regardless, you're till imbibing your way to glowing skin and a bloat-free life with the savory super-ingredient.

Sip through 5 on-the-go turmeric beverages below.

You can also use turmeric to whip up a mean cocktail. Try this anti-inflammatory take on a Moscow mule and this Joan Didion–inspired ACV and turmeric drink

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