Pair This Green Goddess Harvest Bowl With Spiked Low-Sugar Lemonade for the Ideal Summer Meal

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Summer is the time of year when we collectively loosen up—and not just in terms of mood. Heavy layers of clothing are shed in favor of breezier fabrics, and cravings for refreshing, fuss-free meals replace ones for hot-and-heavy comfort food classics. Spending less time in the kitchen is a compulsory part of celebrating the onset of summer, but this year—after a very prolonged time cooped up inside making almost all our meals at home—it is imperative.

What does not change with the calendar, however, is wanting meals that are satisfying, healthy, and delicious. If you're searching for a dinner that delivers on both fronts while not sucking all your time away, the green goddess harvest bowl in this week's Cook With Us video is right up your alley. Packed with fiber and flavor, it is the very definition of nourishing. And as an added perk that pairs perfectly with the harvest bowl, stir up her spiked low-sugar lemonade recipe.

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"This summer grain bowl is made with lots of bright, vibrant vegetables and tons of texture," Chef Palak Patel says in the video before showing how to make it step-by-step. Just as much attention is given to the sauce as the veggies, which you'll notice as soon as you give it a taste. "The goddess sauce is a green chutney with cilantro, mint, a little bit of garlic, and a heap of serrano," Patel says of it. "It's going to be the perfect summertime bowl."

Literally every ingredient the green goddess sauce calls for is a powerhouse source of fiber. The recipe uses lentils, carrots, asparagus, and fresh peas. "Any lentil or grain that you have works in this recipe," Patel says. If you swap out your lentils for quinoa, for example, it will still taste great and you're still getting plenty of fiber. And by the way, all the veggies called for in this recipe are in peak season right now, so including them in the harvest bowl celebrates summer in every bite.

As for that almighty green goddess sauce, it takes all of one minute to whip up. Simply add the fresh herbs, lemon juice, toasted sunflower seeds, salt, and ice water to a blender and blend on high for 30 seconds. "The ice water helps emulsify the dressing and also keeps the flavor fresh and vibrant," Palak explains. Next, spoon the sauce on your harvest bowl and your delicious meal is ready to be served.

Also in the episode, Palak shows how to make a spiked low-sugar lemonade with muddled strawberries, vodka (she uses Smirnoff Zero Sugar Infusions Strawberry & Rose), fresh lime juice, and seltzer water. The end result is not only gorgeous—the strawberries give it a rose quartz-colored hue—but is the epitome of summer in every sip.

Talk about an all-star seasonal pairing, right? Get both recipes below and watch the video to see exactly how to make them. With one bite, you'll see first-hand how heavenly this green goddess bowl is.

Green goddess harvest bowl

For the grain bowl:
1 cup lentils, cooked and cooled
1/2 cup carrots
1/2 cup asparagus
1/2 cup fresh peas

For the green goddess sauce:
1/4 cup mint
1 bunch cup cilantro
1 small clove garlic
1 small serrano chili, chopped
1 1/2 Tbsp of toasted sunflower seeds
1/4 tsp lemon juice
Kosher salt, to taste
1/4 cup water and ice cubes

1. Cook the lentils or grains. Add them to a big bowl; they will serve as the harvest bowl's base.

2. Roast the carrots and asparagus at 400°F until golden brown.

3. Blanch the fresh peas in salted water, then dunk them into an ice bath. This keeps them fresh and vibrant, and helps prevent overcooking.

4. Add the veggies to the big bowl of lentils or grains.

5. Make the green goddess sauce by adding all the ingredients to the blender and blending for 30 seconds. Pour the sauce on top of the lentils and vegetables.

Low-sugar strawberry lemonade

1.5 oz. Smirnoff Zero Sugar Infusions Strawberry & Rose vodka
1.5 oz. fresh lime juice
1/4 cup muddled strawberries
1 1/2 cup seltzer water

1. Muddle the strawberries in a cocktail shaker.

2. Add the vodka, lime juice, and seltzer water.

3. Strain into a glass. Enjoy!

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