7 Hands-Free Grinding Vibrators That Do All the Work for You (Hi, Effortless Orgasms)

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Once upon a time, anyone who liked some bump n' grind action relied on things like pillows and pool jets to get their rocks off in a pinch. Now? There are grinding vibrators galore, as well as other types of vibrators, guaranteed to give you the most laid back (and maybe a little bit nostalgic) you can get. They're horny and hands-free when you want them to be—what more could you want?

Now, if you didn't get turned on by (consensually) rubbing up against your overly-hormone'd classmates at your middle school dance, you might be thinking, "What's so great about grinding?" Good question. Marla Renee Stewart, MA, sexpert for Lovers sexual wellness brand and retailer, explains that for vulva owners, particularly, grinding allows you to have more control over your body and subsequently, how you achieve orgasm.

"Grinding toys can be used for all people, as they can help folks get to the deeper sides of their internal genitalia," Stewart says. "Grinding toys can be especially helpful for folks who are intersex that have nuances in their external or internal genitalia, so when [I say] it's for all people, I really do mean that."

Now, they're not for everyone—Stewart says they're more advantageous for folks with front-facing vulvas, since it's easier to hump things. But, they do allow you to get creative and—since many are designed to be hands-free—are more inclusive than other wands, dildos, and other manual toys.

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Some ideas? "Try a grinder on yourself!" Stewart says. She recommends the Ruby Glow Grinder ($59) from Lovers, which can be thrusted upon in between your legs on top of a pillow, underneath you, or laying on your side. "It helps with incredible sensations and the motors really take it up a notch!" Stewart explains.

Or, add some motion to the ocean when you're playing with a partner. "A grinding toy is a toy that can be used for lovers to put between their bodies' genitals and move up against one another. Toys add to the sensations of genital-to-genital contact," says Stewart. "If the lovers are fluid-bonded and are both vulva owners, the sensation of rubbing wet genitals can be intensely erotic."

Whether you want to thrust, bump, grind, or hump, these grinding vibes will show you a *very* good time. Giddy up!

Rocks-Off Ruby Glow
Rocks Off, Ruby Glow Grinder — $59.00

Cue the slow jams, light some candles, and take yourself out on a date with this orgasmic grinder by Rocks Off. The purple pleasurer is so orgasmic, W+G contributor and sex toy connoisseur Gabrielle Kassel dubbed it her, “fave low-effort way to masturbate.”

Here’s how it works: The scooped out shape is designed to be ridden on, so that the front hump stimulates your clitoris while the back hump massages the vagina and perineum. But it doesn’t have be used that way—you can flip it around to straddle it, lay on it flat, or grind against it, all whilst keeping your hands free for exploring your other erogenous zones or flipping through your favorite ethical porn. And at $59, it’s a great first endeavor into grinding toys without breaking the bank.


Calexotics, Lust Remote Control Dual Rider — $150.00

The Lust is great when you’re really not looking to lift a finger. It’s designed to be sat on, however, the flat design is better for laying against on your belly, so you can get a deep, rumbly sensation up against your clitoris. Lay on it, face down, and use the remote control to toggle through 12 different speeds and vibrations on both humps, which can be powered together or separately. Or, turn it on sans the remote and use your body to control your playtime—it’s way more fun than a pillow and arguably better for your pillow, too.

Photo: Dame
Dame, Pom — $95.00

Snuggle up with this flexible vibrator that fits in the palm of your hand for bumpin’ and grindin’. The Pom is small enough that you can use it with just one hand and bendy enough that it moves with the motion of your hips. Use the defined edge when you want to explore more intently, or press it against yourself for deeper, rumblier vibes all around.

Enby, Wild Flower Enby 2 — $80.00

One look at this saddle-shaped toy and you can almost hear “Ride” by SoMo playing in the background. Yep, it’s designed to be ridden alright, made with a flat, saddle-like body compete with an elevated “horn” in the front that’s perfect for rubbing against. We love that it’s uber-flexible, allowing you to fold it and shape it to your liking when riding it doesn’t hit the spot. We also like that it’s waterproof, and fully submersible, so you can get as wet n’ wild as you please.

JimmyJane, Form 3 Pro — $100.00

The Form 3 Pro is a lay-on vibrator that takes the work out of your much-needed self pleasure sesh. Its tongue-shaped designed allows you to stimulate all your sweet spots completely hands-free, if you’d like. When you do want to kick things up a notch, slide your hand down and press the button up to five times to cycle through the intensities. Either way, it’s low maintenance, so you can lose yourself in ecstasy unbothered.

Cute Little Fuckers, Starsi Vibrator — $79.00

I mean, can you handle the cuteness of this starfishy toy? It’s so adorable, it’s almost a crime to bump your genitals against its smiling face.

Almost—this dirty devil is a texture lovers dream, covered in “suckers” that are great for grinding against. Its flexible shapes allows you to wrap the arms around all sorts of erogenous zones—vaginas and penises, of course, but also the perineum, nipples, and anywhere else it can get its hands (er, fins?) on. Play with five patterns and speeds, and don’t afraid to get it wet—it is a starfish, after all.

Pelle, Whim — $98.00

If you want to get your grind on without any additional buzzing, look no further than the Whim by Pelle. These marshmallow-looking toys are made from buttery soft silicone you’ll want to press and caress yourself into. There are no motors, giving you all the power during external stimulation, tribbing, and other exploration. Pro tip: Place them in warm water to heat up before you get started for an even dreamier sensation.

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