I’m a Yoga Instructor, and These Are the Best Grip Socks for Slip-Resistant Support During a Workout

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Grip socks are more than soft non-slip foot holders with little sticky bubbles on the bottom—they’re a prop to help support the wearer during a workout. As a yoga instructor, I recommend reaching for sticky socks when you need help securing your feet to the mat. Plus, these socks are for more than yoga, they can be used for barre and Pilates, too. They can even provide a little added stability while walking around on hardwood floors.

The best grippy socks, at a glance:

Is it worth buying grip socks?

The answer totally depends on your personal preferences. Whether your mat is super slick, you need something to go over a bandaged foot, or you have very sweaty feet and don’t want to fuss with a flimsy yoga mat towel, there are an array of reasons why you might reach for a pair of non-slip socks. The right pair of exercise socks can help you feel more in control of your body while you move (especially on hardwood floors) and, as a result, help you get the most out of your workout. Plus, they're relatively inexpensive and can be washed and reused time and again.

What are the negatives of grip socks?

While sticky socks can be helpful, if you can go barefoot while doing certain workouts, you may want to. When you're barefoot, it's much easier to feel the floor (versus a mat) and get a good surface grip. Equinox Pilates instructor George Fletcher tells Well+Good that while a grippy sock will help you with traction, wearing one does make it “a bit harder to truly feel the floor in standing or squatting positions.”

However! You're here for grip socks, so we shall deliver—the picks below are are almost as good as going barefoot, with the added benefits of extra coverage. Keep scrolling to free yourself from the idea that the only silhouette non-slip socks come in are tiny ballet flat-esque foot coverings, approved by a Pilates instructor and myself.

The best grippy socks, according to fitness pros

Best grip socks overall: Sticky Be Socks — $48.00

You can count on StickyBe’s non-slip grip socks to keep you grounded—literally—through any sweat session They’re made from natural fine cotton yarn for sweat absorption plus elastic arch support for compression and comfort.

A person wearing a black pair of la active grip socks with white sticky dots
Best grip socks for pilates: LA Active, Grip Socks — $10.00

The unique design of these LA Active grip socks secures the foot at the ankle while simultaneously providing ventilation over the top of the foot with two crossed straps to then cover the toes. They’re great for Pilates because the grip goes over the entirety of the foot, so no one will catch you slippin’ on the mat no matter how you move. And, if this style isn’t for you, there are plenty of other LA Active options to choose from.

Sizes: S, M, L, XL

Colors: Varies by style


  • PVC spots on the bottom keep your foot sealed to your mat or the floor
  • Padded heel tab ensures that you don’t have the seam of the sock cutting into your ankle during longer workout sessions


  • Some folks may not like the amount of ventilation
  • Socks cover sizes 4 US to 15 US but the product page doesn’t specify what gender that range is for
A rear and profile shot of a man wearing black meuzna mens grip socks
Best yoga grip socks: Muezna, Men's Non-Slip Yoga Socks (3-pack) — $17.00

These sweat-wicking cotton-rich Muezna non-slip yoga socks have a series of patterned silica grips on the sole to ground you during your hot yoga practice. Featuring a cushioned heel tab, stretchy fabric, and a complimentary storage bag, they’re ready to meet you on the mat. Available in sizes 6 to 14 US men. The women’s version supports sizes 5 to 10 US women.

Sizes: 6-14 US men’s, 5-10 US women’s

Colors: 5 options


  • Zoned stripes keep your foot in place within the sock
  • Textured bottom keeps you stable during a sweaty workout
  • Good value: You get three pairs for under $20


  • May not be enough coverage for some
A dancer on relevé wearing black blochsox grip socks
Best for dance class: Bloch, Blochsox Dance Socks — $22.00

Grippy socks are usually made to cover the whole foot for exercises like yoga, barre, and Pilates, but what happens when you want your feet covered during a dance workout class? You go to the dance experts. Bloch, known for their coveted pointe shoes, also make danceable socks. These socks feature grip sections around the heel and just under the ball of the foot. This unique pattern makes them great to nail all of your turns while making sure you don’t accidentally slide into a split. According to the size chart on the site these socks will cover sizes 3 to 12 US women.

Sizes: 3-12 US women

Colors: 4 options


  • Designed to hold their shape
  • Additional compression around the arch of the foot for stability


  • Made with dancers in mind, so grips are only at specific zones
  • If you’re not used to socks with added compression you may want to ease your way into wearing these
A black pair of Alo grip socks with a white stripe at the top
Best barre socks: Alo, Throwback Barre Sock — $30.00

Alo’s Throwback Barre Sock serves in both fashion and function. These crew-style socks feature a cushioned footbed and sticky design that covers the entire bottom of the sock. The pop of contrast with the double stripe around the top will ensure that your sleek, class-ready look will always be on point.

Sizes: S/M (fits women’s 5-7.5) or M/L (fits women’s 8-11)

Colors: 3 options


  • Cotton, nylon, and Lycra fabric blend provides breathable stretch and comfort
  • Covers the ankle and lower calf to keep the area covered and warm during class


  • Thicker socks, not ideal for heated classes
  • Currently only available under the women’s category in US sizes 5-11
An olive green pair of Bombas grip socks
Best size range: Bombas, Gripper Calf Socks — $16.00

The Bombas Gripper Calf Socks offer an ankle-covering solution for those looking to feel supported during their workout in more ways than one. These socks feature a cotton-rich fabric blend and have a cushioned footbed along with a “honeycomb arch support system,” according to the Bombas site. Best of all, they come in three different size options, covering women’s size 4-13.

Sizes: S (US 4-7.5), M (8-10.5), L (11-13)

Colors: 4 options


  • Cushioned support and contoured design
  • Sizes cover shoe sizes 4 US women to 16 US men


  • No black or white options
A person wearing a pair of black ozaiic toe grip socks with a travel bag in the background
Best toe socks: Ozaiic, Yoga Socks for Women with Grips — $11.00

The Ozaiic Yoga Socks are for those who want a grip sock with the toes separated. The ballet design of the crossed straps will keep your foot secure up top, while the intricate grip pattern on the sole will prevent you from sliding all over the Pilates reformer. The silicone grips cover the ball of the foot, heel, and each toe—yes, even the pinky toe. They’re available in packs of one, two, or three, and several different colors.

Sizes: One size, fits women’s 5.5-11

Colors: 8 options


  • Zoned grips will help hold you steady
  • Cotton upper offers ventilation
  • Comes with a travel bag


  • Toe socks can be an adjustment to get used to
  • Only one size option
three black hylaea grip socks with a mesh washing bag
Best cushioned grip socks: Hylaea, Unisex Grip Socks (3-pack) — $17.00

These ankle socks are well cushioned for anyone who wants to feel a little more space between the soles of their feet and the sticky grippers. They’re made with 85% cotton and feature silicone triangles for keeping you stable no matter the activity. Plus, they come in a variety of colors and pack sizes, and every purchase includes a mesh washing bag so your socks don’t stick to your clothes.

Sizes: Unisex

Colors: S-M, or L-XL


  • Generous cushion in the ankle and heel
  • Budget-friendly packs with included wash bag


  • Unisex sizing may make it tricky to find your right fit

What should I look for in grip socks?

When shopping for a pair of sticky socks the most important thing to consider is that you feel supported for the duration of your workout. Ultimately, you want a pair that won’t slide around your foot while you’re exercising. They need to get a grip on both the ground and your foot. Fletcher recommends choosing a sock that will offer you “full coverage.”

Frequently asked questions

How do I make my grip socks more grippy?

Sometimes socks will lose their grip when they've collected dust or debris. To extend the life of your sticky socks, try the following wash tips:

  • Wash them inside out
  • Use a mesh wash bag (this will also keep them from sticking to your other clothes!)
  • Wash on cold to avoid overheating the grippers
  • Air dry to avoid unnecessary heat

Why do hospitals make you wear grip socks?

Just as a pair of sticky socks can help you feel grounded in a workout class, they can bring added support to folks who need it post-operation. Having the added traction of grippers can help prevent slips or falls in a hospital setting and even when you're settled back in at home.

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