How to Navigate the Grocery Store Aisles Like a Dietitian

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Somewhere between the hummus sample station and the face wash aisle (could stay in there all day), you always seem to forget about your grocery shopping list and ambitious plans to read all the nutrition labels.

But there’s a smart way to tackle the grocery store, and Tracy Lockwood-Beckerman, RD, is here to show the way. "There's so many things to look for when you're grocery shopping, but there's three key things to pay attention to," says Lockwood-Beckerman. "That's protein, fat, and, of course, sugar."

Luckily, she gave Well+Good senior food and health editor Emily Laurence a speed tour—and dropped serious wisdom along the way. On top of spilling the best of the best in the dairy aisle, top tips for the frozen section, and how to pick produce the smart way, Lockwood-Beckerman also pointed out the healthy, tasty, totally filling options that are zero Points® on the new Weight Watchers Freestyle program.

"There's so many zero Points® foods to choose from, it's never been easier to live your healthiest life," Lockwood-Beckerman says. Some of her faves include plain nonfat Greek yogurt and eggs—but watch the video to catch them all.

Watch the quick video above, and get ready for an upgraded grocery store experience.

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