Jump-Start Your Meditation Habit With This Buzzy Event Coming to the Rest of the Country

Photo: Getty Images/Tom Dunkley
Picture this: Thousands of people sitting together, unified in their lack of speaking, all experiencing the magic of mass meditation. That's exactly the goal of The Big Quiet, a social club that brings the masses together to "deepen human connection, celebrate the good in life, and generate more inclusivity," according to its founder, Jesse Israel. And while the landmark events have only taken place in New York City up until this point, the organization is now taking its mission on the road.

Next month, The Big Quiet will be head across the country on the world's first-ever mass meditation tour. Kicking off in Chicago on October 9 (in a greenhouse, nonetheless!) then heading to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin, and ending in New York City, each event will include the beloved meditation experience, plus live sound-bath practitioners, string instrumentalists, special guest musicians, and surprise performances. That $30 ticket also comes with healthy goodies from Sweetgreen and chic duds from Outdoor Voices. (Yeah, talk about a swag-bag #goals.)


So whether you're a meditation pro or a total newbie, getting to practice the skill with thousands of other like-minded soul nourishers is sure to leave a lasting impression—and help the healthy habit stick. And even though there are only five cities on this tour, The Big Quiet taking requests around the globe for round two—AKA your local digs could get a lot quieter very soon.

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