5 Botanist-Approved Grow Lights To Keep Your Plants Happy and Healthy

If you're a plant enthusiast like me, you know that winter poses a particular challenge. In many parts of the world, shorter days make light conditions suboptimal for several months each year. Because plants need sunlight to produce chlorophyll, without proper sunlight, your plant's leaves will begin turning yellow.  Thankfully, a few strategically placed grow lights for your plants make all the difference.

"Plant lamps are a practical solution, particularly for those living in urban abodes where the prevailing light conditions can often be less than ideal for many plants," says Andrew Gaumond, botanist and horticulturist at Petal Republic. An added bonus of grow lights for plants is that it can provide an extra light boost and give new spaces for plants to thrive such as hallways or shaded corners.

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  • Andrew Gaumond, horticulturist, botanist, and director of content at Petal Republic

When choosing a grow light or lamp, there are three types to look out for: light emitting diode (LED), fluorescent, and high-intensity discharge (HID). Gaumand prefers LED lights for their energy efficiency, low-heat output, and longer lifespan. "LEDs are capable of producing really bright light and can cover an extensive area which is perfect if you're grouping several plants together," says Gaumond. If you own tropical plants, LED lights are a great option. However, depending on your budget, they tend to be on the pricier side.

HID lights, on the other hand, are known for helping fruit and vegetable seedlings grow because they reach deep into the foliage. These lamps tend to get hot so Gaumond recommends using them in controlled growing areas such as a garage.

If LED or HID lights don't sound like your cup of tea, fluorescent lights are another way to bring in extra shine and warmth. These lamps produce a stronger and more intense light source. To use this lamp, "you'll need to position the bulb really close to the actual plant for it to receive sufficient benefit," says Gaumond. Of all the options, this is the most budget friendly.

Are you ready to amp up your plant parenting skills? Check out this botanist-approved list of glow lights sure to give your foliage a smile.

Botanist-approved grow lights for your plants

1. Aspect Luxury LED Grow Lights, $150

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This LED lamp not only improves your plant's environment, but saves money on your next electricity bill. You can grow a myriad of plants from saffron to paper white birch. Hook it up to your ceiling or dedicated growing zone in your home and watch your seedlings grow.

Shop now: Aspect Luxury LED Grow Light, $150

2. AgroBrite Hydrofarm 27W Black Floor Plant Light, $59

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Your taller plants will love you for this floor grow light.  It's easy to set up, but its flexible neck allows you to cover more plants. It will brighten up any space.

Shop now: AgroBrite Hydrofarm 27W Black Floor Plant Light, $59

3. Slaouwo Grow Light With Stand, $50

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Made up of 192 LED beads, the lamp offers sun-like light to help your fruit grow and flowers bloom. Too bright or too dim? Not to worry. With the light's six dimmable levels, you can change the light intensity.

Shop now: Slaouwu Grow Light With Stand, $50

4. Ankace LED Dimmable Growth Light, $28

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If you own succulents, cacti, or any other small foliage, then this is the perfect lamp for you. The lamp's timing, growth LEDs, and dimmable function make it a great choice. Place this lamp on a side table or dresser and you'll have a mini greenhouse in no time.

Shop now: Ankace LED Dimmable Growth Light, $28

5. GE LED Grow Light Bulb, $10

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Transform any lamp into a grow light with this bulb from GE. The LED light bulb provides a natural light without harsh tones. While the light may appear white, the bulb has a hidden red and blue spectrum that makes it perfect for growing your leafy greens and herbs.

Shop now: GE LED Grow Light Bulb, $10

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