The 4 (Healthy) Things Gwyneth Paltrow Always Brings With Her on a Plane

Photo: Instagram/@gwynethpaltrow
If anyone knows how to step off of an airplane looking as if they didn't just spend five hours immersed in the stuffiest air ever, it's Gwyneth Paltrow. The actress is known as a bit on the out-there side in terms of her healthy habits (hello, vagina steaming), and they don't stop when she's traveling (you can definitely call her a wellness devotee).

In a recent interview with Elle, Paltrow reveals the essentials she always has on hand while jet-setting—and they're the four tools that keep the side effects of flying (i.e. dull skin and just feeling icky) at bay.

Keep reading for the up-in-the-air hacks that keep Paltrow flying high.

1. Apply a face flight

"If I'm on a really long flight I'll put [a face mask] on while I'm watching a movie," says Paltrow. "I just sit there looking a little weird on the plane." Hey, no judgment here—other celebs like Chrissy Teigen and Cate Blanchett do the same thing in the name of hydrated skin.

2. Pack a bottle of colloid silver

"I spray [it] under my tongue and on the airplane seat because they say it wards off germs," says Paltrow.

3. Bring a stash of vitamin C

Paltrow takes a dose at the beginning of her flight to stay healthy, no matter how many of her fellow passengers have the sniffles.

4. Buy a couple of bottles of water at the gate

Because, let's face it: Those tiny cups they hand on in flight aren't going to cut it. Even though spritzing a seat or rocking a sheet mask can lead to raised eyebrows from strangers, know that they're GP-approved strategies for fighting that frazzled post-flight look (and if you glance at her travel selfies, it's clear that what she's doing is working).

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