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4 Gwyneth-Approved Ways to Marie Kondo Your Home

Katie Maguire

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Forget spring cleaning—January is the perfect time to declutter your home (and your diet, for that matter). Gloomy weather means a FOMO-free day of deep diving into old sweaters, expired beauty products, and random knick-knacks that are in dire need of donation.

For inspiration to power up your day of cleaning, look no further than Gwyneth Paltrow—the queen of a curated lifestyle. (I mean, have you seen her apartment?)

In a recent goop post, Paltrow got help from The Home Edit, professional Marie Kondo-esque organizers and decorators who are all about peaceful, well-organized spaces. And they shared their expert wisdom on why, no matter how much you try to keep things clean, the clutter always comes back.

No matter how much you try to keep things clean, the clutter always comes back.

"Cleaning up a room doesn’t mean you’ve created sustainable systems, so the mess is bound to reappear," they explain. "If you take the time to think through how you use your space, you can create solutions that you’ll be able to maintain."

Hence, the Kondo way—if it doesn't bring you joy, toss. And if it does, take Paltrow's advice and label it in a clear bin, ASAP.

Scroll down to see four genius organization tips from Paltrow's home.

Gwyneth Paltrow organization
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Everyone should have a drop station right by their front door to hold all of their items. Whether you have a full foyer or just a wall to hang hooks, create a space that houses all of your front door necessities: coats, keys, mail, or wallet. If you'd like to create a shoe-free home, like Paltrow, The Home Edit suggest placing a bench or basket near the entrance to give your guests a subtle hint.

Gwyneth Paltrow organization
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Living room

No matter what kind of storage space you have, Paltrow advises sticking to the Kondo rule: If you love to look at it, keep it out. It not, allow yourself throw it away. If something feels sentimental, The Home Edit team suggests putting it away for a few months and then pulling it out to see if you miss it. (Most often, you won't, they say.)

Gwyneth Paltrow organization
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For GP’s pantry, the organizational team used a ton of clear containers to hold all of her staples—but don't kill precious time transferring groceries into pretty jars like this if that doesn't fit your schedule, they say. Throwing packages into bins labeled "pasta" and "cereal" still keep things organized and and easy to find. Also key: Group shelves into breakfast, dinner, snacks, sweet snacks, baking, and cooking sections. By grouping items into large categories, you won't have those items you never use.

Gwyneth Paltrow organization
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The extra closet

We all have it—the junk drawer, closet, or shelf. For Paltrow, her "messy" area was her kids' craft and games closet (but she, like us mortals, kept chargers, home goods, and random items in there too). How to tame the beast? Keep it simple and group similar items together, with frequently used items down lower and sentimental items up top.

What to do once the mess is gone? Hey, it's hygge time: Now that you've comfortably cleared up your space, you can comfortably break out the superfood snacks and hot drinks—and get your snuggle on.

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