These Stylist-Approved Clips Support Even the Thickest Hair

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Finding a claw clip that actually holds thick hair can be as tough as Prince Charming trying to find Cinderella with a glass slipper. When you know it’s the one for your hair you know, but is it a journey to find THE ONE.

A head full of thick hair of any texture means that at one point or another a clip has failed to hold your hair in your favorite updo by either being too small or with a spring that’s far too weak. To sort through the cornucopia of hair clips available on the internet, we tapped Rodan + Fields hairstylist Bridget Brager for her tips on selecting a hair clip, ways to use a hair clip, and her favorite hair clips for thick hair.

Best hair clips for thick hair, at a glance:

Hair clips are incredibly versatile whether it’s holding your hair out of your face through your skincare routine, doing a leave-in conditioning treatment, or creating a professional updo for cocktail hour, a hair clip is always there to help you get a grip—on your hair. Overall, Brager tells Well+Good, “I think clips are the perfect accessory to a sleek hairstyle!”

What To Look For in a Clip for Thick Hair

If you have thick hair “the most important thing when picking out a hair clip is that it lightly matches the density of your hair and has a good grip,” Brager says. Making sure your hair clip can handle your hair density is a fail-proof way to ensure that your hair clip will stay in your hair until you take it out.

If you have curly thick hair the Rodan + Fields hairstylist advises that you opt for a medium to extra large-sized textured claw clip. But, if your hair is straight, you should give a matte or “rubberized-texture claw clip” a try. Let’s say your hair is thick but short, what should you do? Brager says to use an octopus claw clip as the style will “help keep ends tucked away and gives [you] a pretty profile,” she states.

Plus, no matter your hair texture or length, make sure that your hair clip fits your head. “You want something that’s going to be like your head shape. If [the hair clip] is two straight or boxy where the clips meet the scalp you have more chance of hair falling out and a messy up do,” she states.

What To Avoid in a Clip for Thick Hair

As you claw though the hair accessories aisle, make sure that you steer clear of any heavy hair clips. Thick hair tends to be heavier so “you don’t want to put any extra weight on the back of your head as that can cause headaches,” Brager warns. If you have straight hair, the expert hair stylist notes to avoid glossy or non-textured clips as they “don’t quite do the job.”

Expert Stylist Tips Using a Claw Clip

Along with tossing your hair up and adding a clip, Brager has a great way to style your thick hair in a clip while giving it a moisturizing treatment. “Start by deciding whether you want a middle part or a side part,” then add your favorite styling cream all over – like the Define+ Curl Cream from Rodan + Fields. Then, add your favorite treatment oil to your ends.

Brager instructs that you should then “gather your hair into a low bun, grab your favorite claw clip, and you’ve got yourself a perfectly chic on-the-go hairstyle, all while conditioning and treating your hair to a dose of moisture and protection!”

Now that you know the ins and outs of styling thick hair in a claw clip, scroll through the list ahead to find a hair clip that you can throw on without worry of it popping off.

Best hold:

Acrasia Hypernova Clip — $27.00

Two tough springs and a wide triangular frame keeps Acrasia Hypernova Hair Clip SECURE to the wearer’s head for the best hold. Made of cellulose acetate (a sturdy lightweight polymer from wood fibers), the 18-tooth hair accessory is built to hold long and thick strands without weighing your head down. The five-inch claw clip comes in seven marble-like patterned colors.

Best value

Scunci Barrel Jaw Clip — $5.00

The most affordable single clip on this list is the Scunci Barrel Jaw Clip but don’t let its price point fool you. The barrel design of this 4.5-inch hair clip allows for every strand to be enveloped by its teeth. Since it has a glossy finish it’s better suited for those who don’t have pin-straight hair.

Best black-owned

Pattern Beauty Hair Clip — $10.00

Pattern Beauty’s hair clip – a favorite of Brager’s – was made with curly textures in mind. While the claw clip is glossy, the long teeth get underneath every strand to secure the hair in place wherever you put it. Currently available in a sleek black with a yellow accented spring, this three–inch hair clip is both functional and fashionable.

Most durable

KOV Essentials Soul Clip — $21.00

The most durable clip is the Soul Clip from KOV Essentials. Available in three classic colors, these rectangular clips range from 2.25 to 2.75 inches long – depending on the size you purchase. Founder Chelsea Branch even took to the brand’s TikTok to prove the durability of her hair clips in this video. Fun fact: if your clip comes to you and it’s not up to the brand’s crush-proof standards, KOV Essentials offers a “free six-month full replacement warranty,” according to the product page.

Best mini hair clip

Anthropologie Mini Claw Hair Clip Set — $30.00

The best mini hair clip belongs to Anthropologie’s Mini Claw Hair Clip Set. At 1.5 inches tall, each clip brings its own personality to your hairdo. Available in four patterned options, there’s a set for anyone’s style. Best of all, each hair clip is a bit different. Some have more of an octopus form while others have an open oval on the sides so you can truly be unique in how you style your thick hair.

Best round clip:

Atoden Octopus Hair Clips — $13.00

Atoden’s five-piece Octopus Hair Clips Matte Hair Clips are the best round clips on our list. The matte octopus-style clips are 3.15 inches at their longest point to capture all of your thick hair. The texture of the clip makes it great for people with straight hair textures but handle curls and waves, too.

Most stylish

Godess Signature Clip — $24.00

The Signature Clip from hair accessory brand Godess is the best slender clip on this list. The 4.7-inch-long clip’s slender design elegantly holds thick hair with a sizable metal spring in the center of the loop and well over a dozen long teeth. On the brand’s TikTok this clip even passed the “jump test” in this video. Out of the five hues, the mother of pearl variation of the hair accessory is perfect for every day-to-night look.

Stylist's favorite

Kitsch Jumbo Classic Claw Clip 2 piece — $8.00

Kitsch’s Jumbo Classic Claw Clip (two-pack) is a personal favorite of Brager’s. “It’s a great jumbo clip with long teeth,” the Rodan + Fields hair stylist says. At 5.5 inches long – with one in black, the other in tortoise – not only will this clip hold all of your hair, but the flared ends allow for you to create a high-ponytail look without the pain of a hair tie.

Best metal clips

LUKACY 6 Pack Large Metal Hair Claw Clips — $16.00

Lukacy’s six-pack of Large Metal Hair Claw Clips is the best metal clip for both style and value. Each of the clips are 3.5 to 4.5 inches long and no two are alike. While each clip is uniquely designed they all have large teeth to secure to your head with style.

Best low-profile

Kristin Ess Claw Clip - Curved — $10.00

Tired of banging your head while wearing a clip? Then try the best low profile clip on the list: Kristin Ess’s Claw Clip – Curved. With its matte tortoise pattern this classic clip has long rounded teeth to go under every strand of hair. At 5.5 inches Kristen Ess’s clip can hold even the thickest hair.

Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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