If a Conditioner and Hair Spray Had a Baby, It Would Be These Spray-Everywhere Hair Milks

Photo: Getty Images/Evgenij Brecko/EyeEm

I cut dairy from my diet completely for over two years, but when it came to my beauty routine, I was all about the stuff. If it were feasible in today's world, I'd even bathe in milk à la Cleopatra. Case in point: Milky cleansers are my jam, I've used coconut milk to replenish my strands, and now, I'm going to sing the praises of hair milks.

Though I'm a noob to these, I'm a newfound believer—because hair milks are a luxe way to refresh, add shine, and hydrate your hair, all with a few spritzes. "Think of hair milk like a moisturizer for your hair," says Kerry E. Yates, beauty expert, trichologist in training, and CEO of Colour Collective. "Hair milks are designed to be treatments, because they aim to improve hair suppleness by re-moisturizing the dry areas."

It's actually like a treatment-slash-styler all in one, which makes the milks rehab strands and provide just enough of a hold to help hair do its thing. "Hair milks don't have a thick, heavy feel as they're meant to be used as treatments that can be easily distributed from the mid-lengths to the ends," says Yates. "They don't contain heavy styling resins, which are used to help mold your strands into a particular shape." Instead, she points out that hair milks merely enhance your hair's natural texture.

"Milk adds shine, promotes softness, eradicates tangles, minimizes frizz, enhances volume, and increases the longevity of your chosen style," says Laura Luciani, international scientific communication manager with hair brand Davines. "It's ideal for all hair types."

You'll notice that most hair milks on the market are marketed as leave-in conditioner-type products, so they're really easy to use. Personally, I spritz some on several times throughout the day (especially after the humidity gets to me). They're like the best frizz-fighter-slash-shine-enhancing product I've found for my hair.  I imagine that Queen Cleopatra was in on the secret.

Another good hair-humidity tamer is almond oil, which is great for your strands. And here's how to deal with frizz in curly hair, according to the pros. 

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